5 Things You Should Know Before Writing Blog Interviews

Blog 5 Things You Should Know Before Writing Blog Interviews
16th September, 2021

Blog interviews refresh your content by introducing another retrospective. You have to come up with interesting questions to keep your audience interested. Also, you need to manage the process to warm relationships with your industry peers.
Now, without further ado, let's delve into recommendations.

What are Blog Interviews?

A blog interview is a discussion involving the Q&A. 
The content creator addresses a list of questions to respondents. The format aims to build awareness around the subject from a person's view. It's a great way to meet new faces with compelling stories.

Why Does Your Content Need Blog Interviews?

Your audience will salute the guest on the blog! As it's refreshing to understand the outlook of external sources too. Plus, updating content only yourself can be a burden on your shoulder.

How Can Interviews Boost Your Blog?

Interviews can have a significant influence on your blog.

Strengthening the Authority

You promote other people and exploit most out of them with the answers. What you receive is awareness and credibility from your and the guest audiences.

Diversify the Content

There is no shadow of a doubt when it comes to content. It needs fresh air every time. You can only achieve this by experimenting with different post forms and blog interviews are one of them.

Build Your Network

New people=New possibilities.
Waiting for the opportunity to fall in your head is in vain. Instead, it would help if you created it. You can build a successful network and lay the foundation for another chapter in your content life.

How to Pick Topics for Your How-To Guide?

Choose Topic Related to Your Expertise

It would be good to check out your content and see what's missing. Also, don't forget to analyze what your competitors are covering. Decide your topic following your expertise and profile.

Conduct Keyword Research

Keyword research assists you to discover audience intentions. It's more than finding popular words and cramming them into the content. Keyword matters because they attract the attention of search engines.

Pick Trendy Topics

Companies have a niche that unites several topics. You have to choose the one with reasonable search demand and value.

Ask Search Engines

  • Go to google
  • Type How to, add the potential subject, and then see related topics
  • Now you can see the popular topics people are searching for

Where Can I Find Relevant People for Interviews?


The first people that come to your mind may be the best choice to begin. There are some reasons for it:

  • You have heard about them for a reason. These persons are perhaps more relevant for your niche and strategy.
  • The preparation can go lighter because you are already acquainted with them

Social Media

Everyone is accessible on social media. If you want to contact someone, you have no restrictions and barriers.
But if you don't have an idea who to look for, here are ways to develop some ideas:

  • Search for niche-related hashtags on social media
  • Did you find someone? Check the capacity of the audience
  • Who starts conversations and discussions on relevant social media.

Search Engines

There are many personal blogs out there. Search for blogs related to your conception and make a list of potential candidates.

Personal Network (Relationships Matter)

Network breaks the ice in communication. The management of the blog interview is simple. Not only that, but you can compose questions more naturally.

How Can I Choose Respondents?

  • The work of the potential candidate must be linked with your industry
  • This figure should possess authority over the topic
  • They need to be open and responsive 
  • Your readers should have an interest in the person

When Preparing a Blog Interview, Do

Topic Research

Always research the topic, even if you think that you have a competency in it. There may be some updates out there that need some attention. It will help you to ask better questions and prepare for the interview. 

Research Profile of Respondent

Try to meet the respondents better by researching their interests. If you want to receive a good result, you should help your guest to feel relaxed. Do not jump straight to the topic. Speak about their successes, initial stages, etc.

Collect the List of Questions

Do not limit the number of questions you derive. You can always narrow them down. Even if a question looks unworthy, it can inspire another one

How to Come up with Interview Questions?

  • Brainstorm
  • See whats trending
  • Check the industry news
  • What are the issue-related pinpoints
  • Ask personal questions (motivation, plans,)

When Publishing a Blog Interview

Do the Appealing Introduction

The role of introduction is decisive. You want to catch readers till the last sentences. Your whole interview could be thought-provoking, but if your intro is weak, then it's effort wasted.

Attract Interest with Catchy Headlines

Most readers look at the headline and then decide whether to stay or leave. Using the right headline is half of the battle when it comes to marketing your blog.
The headline's primary purpose is to attract readers. It has a lot of impact on how many people read your article. The headline should be short and catchy, making the reader want to read the article.

Do you want to take your content to another level?

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