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greatcontent represents a new type of copywriting and content creation model and a new level of smooth and efficient client/writer communication. We offer access to thousands of qualified writers who are fluent in 18 different languages and dialects. The project management platform makes the traditionally complex world of freelance copywriting easy to navigate for both clients and writers by offering transparency and confidence to both sides. The result is efficient production of high quality content tailored to your needs.

With greatcontent you can easily keep an eye on your projects and reliably predict what happens next. Highly developed, in-built automatic checks ensure that what we provide is exactly what you asked for.

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The greatcontent platform is designed to make it easy for both client and writer. We understand that when each party knows what’s expected of them and what to expect, production and relationships run smoothly. In addition, our quality assurance controls ensure guaranteed quality results.

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At greatcontent we have personally recruited a qualified team of professional writers and translators who can produce texts on a variety of topics. Our writers can also produce texts that will be tailored to your specific needs.

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Before the World Wide Web came along, who had heard of 'content'? It might have been something that you found in drinks cartons, but it certainly didn't refer to the millions of pages that populate a globally connected electronic network.

But now it does. The history of content goes hand in hand with the development of the web as an eCommerce medium. When people started to sell goods and services via the Internet, they soon realized that success was not just about having the best products or customer service. Instead, cunning marketers quickly worked out that they could gain rapid success by making their web pages prominent in search engine rankings.

This led to the invention of 'content', which became known as text used by websites to lure search engine users. It often featured large chunks of poorly written text that was stuffed with relevant (and sometimes extremely irrelevant) keywords. Anything to get people onto the site.

So began a seemingly endless war between online marketers trying to dominate the search rankings and the engines themselves like Google, who eventually decided to improve the quality of their search results.

Nowadays, Google are always trying to refine the algorithms that deliver search results. This has led to a situation where most, if not all, of the old online marketing techniques simply don't work. The smart money says that to succeed in the current search engine climate, marketers need well-written, informative and appealing texts that web users might want to read.

This might mean including informative lists of the properties of a motorbike or pair of shoes. For travel firms, it could mean having evocative, interesting descriptions of destinations. For tech firms, it could mean balancing the need for technical information with accessible language. It doesn't mean writing spam-like texts that are dripping with keywords.

Things have changed, and greatcontent is at the forefront this online revolution. If you want to make money as a writer with us, or if you need high quality content yourself, sign up for an account and see how web content is changing, for the better.

Written by Leonie