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The group is among the world leaders in the online travel industry and operates a portfolio of well-known brands, such as, Bravofly, Rumbo, Volagratis, and Jetcost. Across its websites and mobile apps, it reaches out to ca. 43 million users.

Challenge’s brands need to produce thousands of different kind of texts in 17 languages every year and needs the support of native-speaking copywriters.

Methodology’s local SEO Managers run, both independently or with the support of greatcontent’s Project Managers, +10 accounts and produce content in 9 languages.


Since 2015, the group has created +2.200 texts via greatcontent’s platform.


“Greatcontent is a great fit if you need to develop your multiples websites’ content at a good price-quality ratio and meeting tight deadlines. They have flexibility to adapt to the requirements and ways of working of their partners, supporting you in every moment”

Fátima Muñoz PeribáñezHead of SEO

The travel and tourism industries are booming, and online travel content is already a vital part of this sector’s activity and profits. TravelWeekly reports that 80% of people book their trips and holidays online and that nine out of ten people research their holiday online before booking; what content marketers need to understand is that the latter leads to the former.

So, how do these texts affect your readers? Appealing and expertly crafted destination descriptions, city guides, points-of-interest articles, and hotel descriptions work to inspire wanderlust in readers and persuade them to book the holiday they want. Furthermore, content which gives reliable information about transport routes (air, bus, and boat), airlines, airports, and other aspects of travel is what further convinces the reader that they have all the information they need to hit “Book”. It’s the readers’ online research which affects their buying behaviour, so if you’re a travel service provider with the right travel content, you’re also likely to have healthy booking and conversion rates.

SEO travel content: what do the search engine robots make of it?

So, what about travel content’s impact on SEO?

Travel copy has a strong effect on the purchasing behaviour of the people reading it. The fact that the travel and tourism industry is thriving also means that it is a somewhat oversaturated market when it comes to travel-related sites, so the SEO strategy for travel content is highly important; its exact approach should be determined by your company goals.

It comes down to one of the most basic rules of SEO content: think (and research) what your wider base of potential customers will enter into a search engine and make sure those words lead to your site content. Don’t be afraid to cast the net wide and use long-form copy like travel blogs, destination descriptions, and city guides that have the scope to include less specific and less competitive keyword phrases that your potential customers might be searching for. For example: trying to sell a hotel room in Beijing? Why not include an article on “Beijing Street Food” to pull in those cuisine enthusiasts researching for their trip? Draw readers in, show them what they want, and give them the chance to reach out and grab it on your site.

Travel content for a worldwide audience from greatcontent

If you’re in need of effective travel content, greatcontent has you covered – in +30 languages and variations.

We offer multilingual travel copywriting services to several giants in the travel and tourism industry. We pride ourselves on the wealth of experience we have acquired through providing well-received travel texts to major clients; these include, among others, city guides for KAYAK, destination descriptions for Travix, articles for ACCOR hotels, transport and airline information for GoEuro and, points-of-interest pieces for FlixBus, and city restaurant guides for Quandoo. This copy has been localised by being written in a selection of our +30 available languages and variations including French, Spanish, Italian, German, English (UK/US), Dutch, Polish, Finish, and many more.

Being part of a flourishing industry means you’re under pressure to shine. greatcontent can help online travel industry companies do just that with professionally written SEO travel editorial that boosts their conversion rates and brings them further up the SERP list. Find out how we can help you with your travel copywriting needs.

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