Inspirational and informative content for tourism providers and booking platforms

How to easily avoid the usual risks when creating travel content.

Interactive formats are for example:


A quiz is fun and informative at the same time. Also, question-and-answer games are often shared.

Interactive graphics

Timelines, tours, maps and much more

Holiday campaigns

such as Easter, Christmas or Halloween (Advent calendar, Easter games, competitions or discount campaigns)


Find-the-couple, picture puzzles etc.

How often should content be published?

It is important that you only publish travel content that is relevant to your target group. A well-maintained editorial plan and a strategic approach are therefore essential. In the editorial plan, the most important milestones and the specific timetable should be recorded, as well as the channels to be used and the distribution of tasks. This will help facilitate your internal processes and the cooperation with agencies.

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Whether city tips, general travel tips, or hotel descriptions: In total, we work with over 30,000 qualified language experts, including many travel writers who are enthusiastic about travel, live locally or know the respective destinations. In this way we can provide you with professional descriptions or short editorial articles for every location. Thanks to our merger with TripsByTips, a content creator who specialised exclusively in travel content, greatcontent was able to further strengthen its tourism division.

What types of travel guide texts are there?

Depending on your offer and the requirements of your customers, it is worthwhile to compile travel guide texts with the following information:

  • Facts and practical advice on travel destinations
  • Travel content on special interests
  • Information on the cost of the trip
  • Blog-style narrative travel guides
  • Tips for side trips

How do you get maximum traffic and more conversions on a travel blog?

Build in search terms fluently. In addition, the content should of course be engaging so that your readers will be happy to book or come back. Your content must be persuasive and linked to a clear call-to-action (CTA). Just like this:

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