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Translation services

Why let a language barrier get in the way of your business expansion? Our team of translators is made up of native speakers working in eighteen languages. Sometimes, however, a basic translation just isn’t enough. That is why we have a select group of professional writers and translators who can offer transcreation services which convey exactly the same information, but in a more creative and culturally appropriate style. These experts use their experience, skills and creativity to convey your marketing copy or web content comprehensively and effectively.

Classic translation services

Choose to have your document direclty translated from or into any language on the greatcontent network.

  • Each piece of information translated precisely
  • Ideal for texts such as legal or medical documents
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In order to achieve our clients’ aims, greatcontent puts both traditional translation services and innovative transcreation services at your disposal.

Structure 100% same as the original text
Style & tone Same as the original text
Information Exactly as in the original text
Feel of the text Correct but not spontaneous
Kind of text Legal, medical, technical texts
Cost From 12 ct. per word
Copywriting services

From product descriptions to blog posts and marketing copy, greatcontent can cover all your copywriting requirements.

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Editorial services

Our proofreading, editing and quality control systems ensure that your content projects are managed efficiently and reliably.

On editorial services

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The greatcontent team can provide a quotation for your content or text writing requirements along with complementary editorial services.

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