The 8 Best Websites and Blogs about Copywriting

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Best Websites and Blogs about Copywriting

Great copywriting = successful online marketing.

A powerful but true equation. Copywriters sell products from holidays of a lifetime to the newest gadgets, from new cars to seasonal swimwear trends. To do this, great copywriters need three things:

  • Words
  • The ability to make readers react with their words
  • An up-to-date knowledge of all things SEO and content related

Copywriters start their career with a talent for words but the most successful continually learn and develop, searching out blogs about copywriting that extend their talents and knowledge. If you’re hungry for success, here are eight sites that combine tips for beginners and hacks for seasoned copywriters.

Easy-to-absorb copywriting tips

The Daily Egg

The Daily Egg helps copywriters develop their skills by delivering up-to-date information and tools. For novice copywriters we recommend:


Copyblogger has one aim – teaching the skill of creating killer content. Learn about content marketing as well as how to write copy that turns prospects into clients. Our favourite posts are:


Quicksprout is dedicated to helping freelancers develop their skills. Among its top tips are:


As part of Writtent’s comprehensive blog writing service, it offers plenty of hacks for content creators. Particularly useful are:

Want to delve a little deeper?


greatcontent is an established leader in content creation with a global team of freelance copywriters. Its blog is full of tips and tricks for delivering great content, staying on top of SEO and mastering Content Marketing. Develop your skills with the following posts:


Smartblogger helps writers be their best. Its posts are readable and packed with practical writing advice and tips. Good starting points are:


Many copywriters will be familiar with Grammarly. It’s a powerful aid to everything grammatical used by more than 20 million writers worldwide. But, did you know it also has a writing blog? We’ve found the following useful:

ABC Copywriting

ABC Copywriting helps copywriters find the right words to tell their story and sell their product. Many of its posts are older but still offer points worth reflecting on now and again even for the most seasoned copywriters.

Never stop learning

At greatcontent, our copywriters always go that little bit further to exceed client expectations. Using these tips and hacks, they’ll deliver even more attention-grabbing copy and convert more visits to sales. To find out more about copywriting and our content creation services get in touch with greatcontent now.

Text: Leonie Yeates

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