Storytelling: The Secret of Content Marketing

Blog Storytelling: The Secret of Content Marketing
16th January, 2019

What Is Storytelling?

Storytelling is the art of interaction that includes narrative. It is the primary and antique way of expression that also stirs the imagination of the listener. 

Art Behind Storytelling

Storytelling is an art as much as a science. Human beings live through stories. When people look back on life, they take their memories and turn them into a narrative to make sense of it all.

Why Is Storytelling Important for Marketing?

Marketing is not an exception. The most successful brands tend to be the most compelling storytellers. But the question is: How can you turn your product into a storyline that customers can't ignore?
At greatcontent, we understand the value of stories - and we know how to tell them in ways that demand attention. So let's explore how this works and why it matters to your company.

Let's Start Simple: What is Content Marketing?

Content creators seek to use any content type to nurture audiences strategically. It is a human thing. Companies try to spark conversations with customers and bond with them. Content marketers aim to strengthen this link and use it to drive consumer behavior. The final goal is to receive sales. 
Now that we've got a basic definition out of the way let's unpack where storytelling fits into this.

Why Storytelling Matters in the Content Marketing World

Nothing touches people like a well-told story. 
Take the wellness industry: successful brands tell human stories about beauty and lifestyles. When products seem like the next chapter in a story of improved health, they tend to fly off the shelves.
Stories hold the attention of customers and encourage sales. But they do more than that. They also provide a "meme" that spreads as people retell the story. (Think of how Apple. Apple fits into people's story of "I am a productive, successful, creative type that means business!").
The key takeaway is that if you cannot craft appealing stories, your content marketing likely won't hit the spot. 

Storytelling Benefits for Content Marketing

  • Attracting Audience to Connect with Brands
  • Showcasing Your Human Element
  • Stories make your content shareable

How to Get the Best out of Storytelling?

Know your Audience

You need to know your audience to offer them exactly what they want.

Decide on Message

No matter how and what you write, you should have a definition of the message. What are you trying to achieve? The point can vary:

  • Selling the product
  • Introduce yourself
  • Push discussion
  • Convey values
  • Explaining Service
  • Educate your audience
  • Engage people to involve in some activity

Use Testimonials

 Let others speak about you. Testimonials are a great way to show social proof, allowing real customers to share their opinions.

Evoke Emotions

We all sense emotions and share feelings of happiness, hope, or anger. Your stories should touch people and evoke emotions.

Perceive Your Brand Like a Person

Put a human face on your company. Try to understand

  • What your company stands for?
  • What is the mission of the brand
  • What human characteristics does it have?

Get Personal

Tell stories, and communicate with people like you would do with your friends.

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