Content Marketplace

In 2011, greatcontent started business as a content marketplace. With its sleek online crowdsourcing platform, our site allowed content producers to connect with and order content from professional freelance writers. Although we have now evolved into a leading content production agency that offers clients all-inclusive content production and management services, this user platform is still at the core of greatcontent’s operations today.

This platform now exists in a much-improved, more user-friendly version, but it can still be used by our clients to manage their own content production. Partners who wish to have full control over the creation of their texts can have an account set up on the greatcontent platform, which will allow them to order content from writers that they choose in the languages that they need with price and quality levels that suit them – it really is that flexible.

Using the search and filter tools, account users can find the best authors for the job based on the copywriters’ areas of expertise and assigned quality levels (which determine their rates of pay). Users can handpick the most appropriate copywriters for a certain project or text; or, they can set up a group of writers that they can curate based on the scale, complexity, theme and budget of the project. Client users are free to take on their own proofreading and editing responsibilities, and they can import, export and accept texts at their will. They can also communicate directly with specific writers or writer groups through the platform as they wish.

Our internal content and quality assurance experts carefully recruit, categorise and continually evaluate the quality of our copywriters to ensure they are producing nothing but great content in accordance with their assigned quality level. They also thoroughly crosscheck the work of all our freelance writers, editors, and translators to guarantee the creation of top-quality copy.

Learn more about how you (or we) can easily handpick the perfect writers for your project, how we grade the writers and assign them their quality levels, and our quality-control measures and processes.

Hand-picked selection

With a pool of around 10,000 professional copywriters, greatcontent is sure to have the right author for your content.

Whether you would like us to pick the perfect writer for a direct order, curate an optimised writer group for your project, or provide you with the filter tools to find the most fitting authors yourself, we can help.

Among the greatcontent writers are native-speaking copywriting professionals working in +30 different languages and variations. Each writer also has his or her own set of writing skills and areas of expertise. We carefully categorise our authors based on their native languages, skills-sets, levels of competency, and areas of specialist knowledge to make finding the ideal writers for a project straightforward.

Using the well-devised writer-search and filter functions in your greatcontent client account, you will be able to easily find and select the writers you need to produce the best version of your content that is possible. As we have writers working at different quality levels with varying payment rates, you can also adjust your writer search to ensure that your investment will never exceed your content marketing budget. Alternatively, get in touch to find out how our Customer Success and Quality Assurance teams can find the best writers for your orders based on your SEO content needs.

Quality levels

Our vast pool of writers includes copywriting professional of varying levels of competency.

Each writer is carefully awarded a quality level (ranging from 4 to 6+) which determines how much he or she will be paid per written word of copy.

While all our authors are competent copywriters, those that have proven themselves in terms of linguistic accuracy, speed, reliability, the ability to follows complex briefs, developing an appealing writing style and maintaining positive communications with the clients will earn themselves higher levels than those who are simply producing good content.

Each author is first assigned a level based on their initial writer application when they join greatcontent. The recruitment and level assignments are carried out by the Quality Assurance manager of the language platform to which the writer is applying. Regular, thorough quality-assurance checks of the writers’ work ensure that the levelling system is always fair, accurate, and standardised, and writers are upgraded or downgraded appropriately depending on their consistent level of output.

The quality level system allows clients to select higher-level writers, which they know they can rely on, or lower-level writers, which ensures that the content production comes in on (or under) budget – in short, it gives clients control over the price of their content. The client selects a minimum quality level for the writers working on each project, meaning that every text will be written by a writer of that level (or higher) for the set price of the minimum quality level.

Find out more about the competencies associated with each writer level and quality level pricing.

Quality control

The quality assurance of our copywriters’ output is a key part of what we do at greatcontent.

Quality control measures are seen at every stage of our writer-selection and content-production processes.

The recruitment and level assignment of each writer is carried out by an expert member of our Quality Assurance Team. After this, the output and reliability of the writers are regularly checked (and their levels changed accordingly if necessary) so that we can be sure that the quality levels are standardised and reliable.

If desired by the client, our proofreading and editing services help to ensure that only immaculate texts are exported and sent back to our partners, and the texts that have been processed by our editing professionals are also carefully crosschecked by members of the Quality Assurance Team to further guarantee that they meet the highest levels of accuracy. An open channel of communication between the client and Customer Success project manager means that feedback can be freely given and revisions or optimisations can be organised. All of this to say, we have the right systems in place to make sure your texts are of the best possible quality.

We at greatcontent pride ourselves on our editorial quality-control practices. Find out more about our proofreading and editing services and get a quote for quality-assured content today.