SMX Munich: What To Expect In 2020

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Dubbed “The Conference for Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation​”, SMX Munich is the centrepiece of Europe’s spring search marketing calendar.

Held between March 18-19, the event stands out from the crowd as a reliable source of expert information, connecting online marketers with visionaries from tech companies, successful sellers,  and blog-writing masters. But it’s more than that, too. With SMX After Dark, the 2020 SIMY Awards, and the International Search Summit also playing a part, it’s a content-packed weekend.

Naturally, SMX is the kind of event greatcontent loves to attend. It’s right in our target zone, allowing us to link up with current and future clients, and to learn more about how the SEM world is being reshaped. And we’ll be there in 2020 as well.

What to Look for at SMX Munich 2020

This year, we’re excited by the roster of speakers – perhaps more than ever. There’s a nice mix of representatives from globe-spanning corporations, small consultancies, and freelance experts, covering pretty much all elements of the search marketing process.

For starters, Google is present in a big way. Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller will be there to provide a glimpse of the near future, while Chief Decision Scientist Cassie Kozyrkov will cast light on how marketers can mobilise data to enhance their fortunes.

Elsewhere, there are keynote speeches by leading lights from Online Biz Info, OTTO, and Zoo Plus – ensuring that cutting edge online marketing is at the forefront of the agenda. And there are specialist workshops on paid advertising, using Google Maps, Analytics, and general content creation (which is where we come in).

Why Should You Pay a Visit to SMX in Munich?

All of this will appeal to companies who are anxious about sharpening up their marketing efforts, but on the face of things, they don’t make SMX an exceptional event. Instead, the event’s real appeal lies in the way these experts interact with the audience.

For one thing, SMX events are explicitly international. All of the addresses and workshops are carried out in English, which will maximise their appeal. This doesn’t mean that the need for foreign language localisation is neglected. There will still be plenty of opportunities to learn about multilingual SEO and E-Commerce content creation.​

Then there’s the core mission of the event. Organisers Rising Media don’t seek to create a sales environment, where participants are focused on signing up potential clients. They are much more concerned to provide an environment where ideas circulate and marketers grow their skills. The result is an atmosphere where workshops break out into lively discussions, where visitors and participants launch debates, and where almost everyone emerges with a deeper understanding of the issues they care about.

Plan a Visit to SMX and Connect with greatcontent

Another major benefit of heading to Munich in March 2020 is because greatcontent will be there and happy to interact. We’ll be ready during the day to discuss our services and provide insights, and also part of the social scene when the attention shifts to SMX After Dark – one of the year’s best networking opportunities.

It’s a huge event on Europe’s content marketing calendar, and we definitely recommend setting aside a day or two to take part. If nothing else, there are few better chances to get a handle on the most important 2020 content marketing trends. But as we’ve seen, SMX offers much, much more.

If you plan to visit SMX Munich, we’d love to see you. And when you do, be sure to use the greatcontent promo code GREATCONTENTSMX, which delivers 15% discounts to anyone who uses it.

Text: Sam Urquhart

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