Use AI to Turbo Charge Your Landing Page Conversions

Blog Use AI to Turbo Charge Your Landing Page Conversions
8th July, 2020

We all want to maximize our landing page conversions. The more people we can entice through our virtual doors, the more purchases will result, and landing pages are the primary tool we have for that task. But how should we actually approach the task of maximizing our conversions?

If you ask SEO veterans, many will tell you that it's all about knowing your audience, and testing different landing pages to find ones that resonate. That's true, but what if a technological change could make that approach partially obsolete? In other words, what if you could harness AI to create landing pages which capture attention with ruthless efficiency?

That's where so-called "Smart Traffic" comes in, and it's a concept that every online marketer should become familiar with. Let's see why.

Introducing Smart Traffic: What it is, and isn't capable of doing

Before we make any suggestions about harnessing AI to boost conversions, we need to explain what we are actually dealing with. Essentially, the idea of Smart Traffic takes traditional A/B testing and adds the element of automation.

We use A/B testing to assess different landing pages, and whether they have what it takes to turn visits into conversions. AI-assisted Smart Traffic tools simply run huge numbers of tests to determine the best approach. This can be broken down by visitor types, analysed for different geographical markets, or even optimised for various times of day.

But how can you turn these ideas into marketing gold? Here's where the potential for smart traffic starts to become genuinely exciting.

1. Tweak colours to achieve the perfect blend

All companies learn that little details matter, and that applies particularly to the way we present our products at the landing page stage.

Construction project management specialists ConstructConnect ran with this idea, using AI tools to trial various colours for their pages, and found that certain tones seemed to engage visitors much more effectively. The AI could automatically sense these differences, and started to route visitors to more appealing colours - a real time testing process that had instant results.

This might seem like a small issue, but as certain colours resulted in 7% more click-throughs, it's actually a huge deal when multiplied across all site visitors.

2. Find a way to connect with customer psychology

AI tools can also help us find the right language to use when trying to turn visitors into conversions. The way we speak to visitors is crucial. We all know that. A misunderstanding here and a culturally inappropriate term there can lead to huge drop-offs in conversions. But a cleverly chosen approach tailored to specific visitors can cause our conversions to sky-rocket.

Companies like Salesforce add-on developers Dooly have used this to find the perfect pitch to visitors. When selling their referral program, Dooly tried out appeals to financial self interest, alongside nobler appeals to help other users. It turns out the latter approach was more fruitful, and Dooly realised this in minutes thanks to real time AI traffic testing.

3. Tailor landing page solutions for different referrers

Another bonus of AI-based landing page testing is its ability to cater for various sources of traffic. We often use Facebook campaigns as well as email newsletters, Twitter links, and simple Google SEO to attract traffic, but the kind of visitors coming from each source can be very different.

This makes it vital to craft landing pages that connect with those visitors - something which AI can do incredibly quickly compared with old-style A/B testing. You could even have separate testing operations for each Facebook ad. The level of detail is essentially infinite. It just depends on how granular you need to be.

Smarten up your landing pages and reap the benefits

The idea of smart traffic isn't really new. It's an acceleration of the familiar A/B testing that marketers have relied upon ever since SEO became a core concern. But the injection of AI into website management genuinely does offer new capabilities and benefits, and forward-thinking companies are already on board.

If you want to boost the brainpower of your web pages, AI tools from unbounce or are good places to start. However, always remember that AI analysis means nothing without high-quality content to back it up. So when you smarten up your analysis, feel free to get in touch with greatcontent as well. We can carry out an SEO audit that complements your new testing systems and takes your landing page conversions to another level.

Text: Sam Urquhart
Image: Michael Dziedzic on

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