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Investing in an SEO auditing service could be the best and most sensible marketing decision you make when it comes to your company’s online success. And greatcontent is here to help you with this. Savvy online marketers probably have a good grasp of SEO concepts and always ensure that their content is well-optimised for the SERP crawlers; however, this does not mean that it’ll always be clear to them where SEO-related problems lay or what is preventing them from reaching their full SEO potential. This is why SEO audits are now considered an essential part of content marketing.

Essentially, an SEO audit entails search engine optimisation experts (usually from a company or agency) thoroughly checking different aspects of a site. This is so they can evaluate how effective the current SEO strategy is and provide useful insights into what is preventing the site’s SEO from being more successful and what can be done to improve the page’s online visibility and rankings further. These experts can effectively evaluate all the SEO qualities of a site and provide straightforward suggestions for improvements that will boost its lead generation and conversion rates. At greatcontent, we can offer you key SEO insights thanks to our auditing services that include expert keyword research, ranking analysis, and onsite analysis.

What can sites gain from the different types of SEO auditing?

Why invest in keyword research?

Keywords are considered the essential building blocks of any SEO content or strategy. They directly influence your online visibility and SERP rankings, so it’s important that you know which ones work best for your site. Maybe your current keywords don’t match with the search habits of your potential customers, or maybe the information these words provide simply isn’t conducive to good online visibility in your field. The expert keyword research service from greatcontent can help you discover how your potential customers are behaving and searching online, and we can suggest keywords that will improve your rankings and site traffic.

Ranking analysis provides marketers with many benefits when it comes to market competition.

SEO is, basically, all about the SERPs and rankings; it’s a fiercely competitive game, and you can stay ahead with ranking analysis services. greatcontent’s website ranking analysis can show you exactly how your site ranks against others and who your main competition actually is – knowing your competition is the first step towards beating them. The information you gain from this analysis can inform you on how to move forward with your content creation and site optimisation. We can offer this service to websites in several different languages.

Think of onsite analysis as being like a general checkup of your site's overall health.

It takes many different aspects of your website into account in order to flag up issues and find ways to improve its general SEO strategy, which will lead to boosted rankings, visibility, conversion rates, sales, and leads. greatcontent’s onsite auditing service will evaluate the editorial content of your pages as well as the site’s interlinking and content structures, site-maps, anchor text, technical aspects (such a load-times) and your E-Commerce shops and portals among other things in order to make solid suggestions for SEO improvement.

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As SEO experts and content producers, you can rely on us to help you optimise your site and bring your E-Commerce business to the next level. Get in touch to find out how we can help you with your SEO auditing needs today.

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