People need to know what your company has to offer. greatcontent provides several companies with SEO category description copywriting services that help them say this loud and clear – among them Zalando, C&A, Footlocker, Nike, Tennis-Point, and DefShop. This SEO content will not only help potential buyers learn about and connect with your products or services, but it will also help improve your site’s SERP rankings.

Category descriptions – which provide your customers with an overall description of your product categories, collections, and ranges – are crucial for keeping both the robots (that determine your SERP rankings) and humans (your potential customers) happy.

Category descriptions: what do they mean for your site's SEO?

Let’s start with the robots.

SEOClarity claims that when it comes to improving search traffic, no SEO content is as important for an E-Commerce website as the category descriptions. Firstly, this content is featured on what are often the first pages of your site to show up as a product search result, and it works to draw in online searchers (potential buyers) and guide them to your specific products or services – category descriptions form a valuable path between the SERP and a website’s more specific product/service descriptions. The SEO elements of these texts should be tweaked in such a way that they give the company an advantage over other websites offering the same products or collections; why are people more likely to buy a pair of adidas from one site and not another? Clever SEO content is the answer!

Also important for marketers to know is that having a category page which is perfectly search engine optimised and linked to the relevant product descriptions prevents the individual product pages from competing against each other for SERP rankings; the category page is the only one that needs to fight the good fight, so its SEO is of utmost importance. These texts should be well-crafted and rich in SEO-friendly keywords which will connect online searchers with the products they want and which you can sell them.

Now let’s talk about real people.

On a more human level, these texts also give companies the chance to present what they have to offer in the voice of the brand and in a way which gets on-the-edge buyers excited about their offerings. You can assume that the online searchers landing on your category description pages already have a good idea of what they want to buy and that the title of your category page is somewhat in-line with their original search engine query (e.g. “Nike shoes Air Max Collection”). Therefore, it’s so important to get the tone and style on this page just right; category descriptions should work as appealing content that connects with shoppers in the spirit of the brand and makes almost-buyers want to stay and explore your product ranges or collections – before, hopefully, hitting “buy”.

Why invest in category descriptions?

What’s the actual ROI of this content?

At greatcontent, we provide large numbers of category descriptions to many high-profile clients, among them international fashion store C&A, who reported that the ROI of these category descriptions was around 1:100 – they earned 100 times in revenue what they spent on their category descriptions thanks to the texts’ effectiveness.

The greatcontent team understand the importance of category descriptions, and we have proven experience of providing ones that get results for some of the biggest multinational E-Commerce companies out there. Learn more about how you can work with us, and get a quote today.