Co-Marketing Programs

At greatcontent, we understand the power and benefits of productive, fruitful cooperation. We offer other agencies and companies the opportunity to participate with us in mutually beneficial co-marketing projects that help both them and us to broaden our customer bases, generate new leads, and improve our brand awareness and visibility.

Business does not need to be all about cut-throat competition; marketing strategy that involves partnerships and joint projects can reap large rewards for two companies simultaneously. When brought together, the talents, customer-bases, and reputations of two companies can result in marketing campaigns that either business could not have managed alone; it really is a win-win situation.

Why opt for co-marketing?

The main benefit of co-marketing is increased exposure for a company and, in turn, more leads and a larger customer base. This is the result of two companies sharing their audiences and existing qualified customers with each other and by working together on creating campaigns or co-branded products that they can promote to both audiences: in short, they create promotional material together and then share their contacts for the distribution of it. Moreover, it can never hurt to have ‘allies’ out there in the corporate world, and co-marketing projects are a way to build long-term, stable, and supportive business relationships with other similar-sized companies – within your industry and beyond.

Both businesses are able to pool together their financial and human resources, harnessing their joint marketing power in order to conceptualise and create campaigns/products that are a cut above their usual output. What is most important is that there are benefits for both parties. To be able to fairly suggest a co-marketing project to another company, there has to be something in it for them: the chance for them to benefit from your company reputation, the opportunity for them to share the emails and leads generated from a campaign, the possibility for them to do a guest appearance on your blog or other advertising channels, etc.

Co-marketing opportunities with greatcontent

Co-marketing business models can be an effective element of your digital marketing efforts, and greatcontent can help you to address your target audience through its well-established brand. This way, you can sell more of your services directly to our customers. Currently, we can offer co-marketing projects that involve:

  • Mutual guest blog posting
  • The writing of co-branded eBooks or whitepapers

By collaborating with greatcontent, you can gain access to the large customer and client base of our trusted brand:

  • 17,000 clients (digital agencies and companies from Germany, France, Benelux, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia, Est Europe)
  • 12,000 newsletter recipients (Marketing and SEO Managers, company founders)
  • 5,500 Facebook followers
  • 2,500 Twitter followers
  • 2,000 LinkedIn followers

When it comes to co-branded content, you can also benefit from our technology and resources – including our 10,000+ strong, multilingual pool of professional copywriters who are writing in 30+ languages and dialects and our slick content production platform and tools.

greatcontent is a global leader in the field of multilingual SEO and E-Commerce content creation, and this makes us a valuable co-marketing partner. Get in touch today to discuss how we could work together and complement one another’s marketing efforts.

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