More Than Just Destination Descriptions: the SEO Content Tips That Travel Marketers Need to Know

Blog More Than Just Destination Descriptions: the SEO Content Tips That Travel Marketers Need to Know
17th April, 2019

Do you struggle to produce compelling travel descriptions? If so, you're not alone. This article will teach you how to create a description, capturing the reader's mind.
For travel marketers, the competition online is an unending fight for major searches. Whether listing destinations or providing mind-blowing content to go with them.
Yet, it's possible to create effective travel destination descriptions for any location resort. So let's share some of the great content tips to help tourism operators get more from their SEO budgets.

What are Travel Destination Descriptions?

Destination descriptions cover useful facts about travel places. It includes information about:

  • Different Seasons
  • Climate
  • Culture
  • Cuisine
  • Sights
  • Leisure Activities

The list can go on and on, and components depend on a specific place.

Why is a Travel Destination Important for Customers?

Customers are having a hard time deciding on the trip destinations. There are too many opportunities out there. But, some prefer to make fast decisions. Both need travel destination descriptions to carry the general facts on the places. It will help them to better prepare for the upcoming journey.

What are the Steps to Create Effective Destination Descriptions?

Research to Find out What Users are Searching For

First, don't post anything without understanding what users are looking for. 
Each description needs anchoring in relevant keywords. So, suppose you are selling eco-tourism retreats in Costa Rica. In that case, you might come up with:

  • Rainforest Holidays in Costa Rica
  • A holiday that Helps the Environment
  • Eco-Conscious Vacation in Costa Rica

Every text differs, so don't cut corners here. The quality of the search terms you use is very influential in boosting your SEO ranking.

Use Subheadings to Answer Common Audience Questions

Did you gather a database of relevant search terms? Now you'll need to use these terms. It goes beyond plugging them into a simple block of text.
A good tactic is to use the questions asked by search engine users as a basis for your subheadings. That way, you stand a good chance of featuring in Google's snippets function. Snippets provide quick answers to FAQs related to your product. 
Moreover, the search giant boosts content that provides answer-based content for some time. So, basing descriptions around answers that consumers want is often a good way to go.
Combine this approach with other relevant keywords. Then you'll have the foundation of an optimized travel destination description.

Foster a Relationship with Your Audience with Every Text You Write

We're not there yet. Destination description also needs to appeal to its audience through style and tone:

  • Transport readers to the destination
  • Use precise language
  • Show your expertise

It's also vital to find the right angle for the audience you are seeking to reach. Let's discuss two situations:

  • You're appealing to younger travelers. It makes sense to focus on humor and adrenaline-fueled experiences.
  • Is your target audience older? Then emphasis on history, nature, and family could be appropriate.

The idea is to communicate with the audience and form a bond of trust. That way, you can grow your brand and boost conversions.

Focus on Creating Readable Content

Good travel descriptions are not long-winded. Instead, they keep things immediate, brief, and punchy.
Use short sentences wherever possible. That way, you can command the attention of people who may be comparing many destination ideas. (and it's good SEO practice in any case).
Instead of describing the look of hotels or the beauty of local scenery, let photos or video do the work.
Keep everything on point, up-front, and honest. 

Include Health Tips

What Covid-19 Vaccines are Approved in the Area?

The roll-out of immunization has played a massive role in reopening the borders. There are covid-19 many vaccines available, but not all countries approve the same.

Other Vaccines and Medications

Some countries demand travelers to have certain vaccinations, such as Cholera. Inform your readers about that.

Jet Lag

It is impossible to defeat Jet Lag, as it is a natural phenomenon. But there are recommendations you can give to lighten it.

First Aid Kit

Tell your readers what is the necessary items to carry on a trip.

Water Purification

Inform your audience whether they should avoid tap water or not.
There are countries where visitors should avoid drinking tap water. Moreover, every country has a specific water filtration system. So, some components may be unfamiliar for the body.

How to Write Descriptive Copy for Destination Descriptions?

Provide What Your Audience Wants

If visitors scroll down and don't see the necessary information, they will leave. Identifying the interest of the audience is what makes content special. Without it, you are creating content for the numbers.

Why Include the Benefits of Visiting that Destination?

Many people are unsure of what to include in their descriptions. Outline the benefits of visiting the place; it could be:

  • Attractions
  • Historical Sites
  • Natural Landscape
  • Amazing architecture

Benefits will persuade them to take action.

Address the challenges

1. What are some of the challenges that may exist for your reader in visiting that destination?

2. Make your reader feel more comfortable when traveling. Help them overcome the challenges

3. What are technical difficulties or language barriers?

Think about the Uniqueness of the Place

Find a unique location. Think of something that differentiates it from other places—for example, the story behind your city's founding or the best-preserved castle.

Encourage Readers to Share Their Travel Ideas.

Finally, good holiday destination descriptions are not static web pages. As a marketing manager, you should aim for descriptions to flow across social media. 

  • Get them out on your Twitter or Facebook feeds.
  • Make it easy for readers to share content with potential travel partners
  • Encourage conversations about your products wherever possible.

Social media shares don't promote your brand. They also have huge SEO benefits, helping boost your content. So it's always a good idea to make social shares a KPI for each text.

Choose a skilled content partner for your next travel project

High-quality destination descriptions are an essential aspect of almost all modern travel businesses. But it's surprising how many companies fail to optimize their descriptions for SEO.
At greatcontent, we are travel industry veterans. We work with several multinational travel companies. Our writers -- based across the globe -- can create enticing descriptions of any destination.

Do you have any questions about your company's SEO?

Our experts will be happy to advise you.

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