Seasonal Content: A Great Way to Bring Your Business Back into the Spotlight

Blog Seasonal Content: A Great Way to Bring Your Business Back into the Spotlight
24th October, 2018

In the competitive world of E-commerce, brands continually strive to stay one step ahead, and seasonality has become an important factor in the battle for leads, shares, and sales. Seasonal content marketing is crucial to businesses who rely on specific holidays, events or the changing of the seasons to encourage the bulk of their sales. In many cases, Christmas campaigns are responsible for a large percentage of many businesses' yearly revenue, with Black Friday and Halloween also being significant annual retail events.

Being aware of seasonal advertising trends and posting event-focused content that captures the imagination of your target audience will also advance your ratings on popular search engines like Google or Bing. It's important, however, to create content that is fresh, varied and informative as well as optimised with branded content since people become dissatisfied with the kind of repetition that can make seasonality feel like something of a cliché.

What is seasonal content?

According to mycustomer, seasonal content marketing means "marketing products or services at certain points of the year". However, there are two main types of content that are involved in seasonal advertising trends:

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Seasonal vs evergreen content

So, should you post 'evergreen content' or should you aim for 'seasonality'?

The truth is that both are vital components of a great blog and content strategy, and you should aim for a good balance; here's why...

Seasonal content marketing deals with current happenings within the E-commerce industry. It could be event-based content relating to Black Friday or time-based content that covers the summer holiday season or the winter weather, etc.

Advantages of posting seasonal pieces

  • Creates a buzz. Event or time-specific pieces attract more readers and are more likely to be shared.

  • Builds loyalty and trust. Shows your audience that you're committed to posting content that's relevant to them.

  • Enhances your profile. Seasonal pieces also help your readers to see you as a style-setter and a brand that's aware of trends.

Advantages of evergreen content

  • Timelessness. Evergreen content can be published at any time of year, and you can optimise your website by publishing it during quieter periods.

  • Cost-effective and always in style. As long as you update links on a regular basis, you can simply rework well-written evergreen content and know that it will always hit the mark. This eliminates the need to spend money on brand new content frequently.

  • Authority. Interesting, timeless content raises your audience's perception of you as an authority and 'all-round' publisher.

Defining a seasonal content calendar

A seasonal content calendar is a shareable spreadsheet or chart that allows you to easily plan future marketing campaigns according to notable events or times. The calendar format makes it easier to see exactly how your content will/should be distributed over the coming months. This ensures that you're not focusing just on one season or event but rather on the broader strategy that's spread over the year. Whether you're a new or established business or brand, you can increase website traffic, leads, shares and sales with good seasonal content marketing. To stand out from the crowd, you should avoid pitfalls like using too many links that may have little real relevance to the product or event. Instead, aim to offer your audience something different, important and useful. Also, consider working with a reliable content-creation agency or content marketplace.Whatever the time of year, whatever the event: great seasonal content can put your brand right back in the spotlight.

Text: Diane McCarogher

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