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With the fashion industry being notoriously fast-paced and dynamic, fashion content requires a certain flair as well as a mix of evergreen and accurate seasonal text. This content benefits from being inspiring, entertaining, and, most importantly, cleverly personalised for the target audience. It is also often closely linked to rapidly changing social media activity, trends, and the recognised yearly fashion seasons; all of this to say, fashion content requires expert, flexible copywriting from a professional with their finger on the pulse.

Fashion companies and brands need to stay as up to date with their marketing strategies as they do with their current fashion collections. Being successful in the fashion industry means not only being on-trend but ahead of the trend, and this also goes for content marketers in this sector. Of course, this means that the language, tone, and style of these texts need to be as current as possible (as well as perfectly targeted to the intended audience). However, in addition, how and where fashion content is distributed is of vital importance when it comes to building a strong and loyal customer following.

On-trend content marketing

Where are people engaging with fashion content and what do they want from it?

NewsCred predicts that by 2021, 54% of all fashion E-Commerce will be generated by mobile shopping, and the same source claims that mobile and digital spaces are constantly becoming more important platforms for fashion content. What’s more, 40% of YouTube users will look to videos on this site for information before purchasing a fashion item, demonstrating the connection this industry has to social media, and 52% of users are likely to switch brands if they find that a company’s communication strategy is not personalised for them – so, when it comes to fashion content, speaking the language of your audience and publishing through the right channels is extremely important.

Fashion copy should speak directly to the intended customers through the channels that they keenly use.

This content and its language should be written with the specific target audience and distribution channels in mind. Additionally, to encourage improved conversion rates, the shopping and purchasing experience should be well and subtly integrated into the content.

As well as utilising social media advertisements, fashion content marketers can publish blog posts, articles, and other (relatively) long pieces of web content which are informative, entertaining, and engaging for fashion enthusiasts but that also lead them directly to purchasing pages or product descriptions – this is also known as ‘shoppable content’. Not only does this copy increase sales, but it also encourages a return readership and a loyal customer following. When it comes to buying fashion items, people don’t just want to know about the product itself but also its wider context: is it on-trend? Which celebrities wear it? How do I incorporate it into an outfit? Long-form content truly lends itself to fashion content marketing strategy.

Multilingual fashion copy from greatcontent

greatcontent’s pool of over 10,000 professional and native-speaking authors includes many expert and specialist fashion writers.

These talented content creators have produced thousands of top-quality texts for fashion and apparel powerhouses such as Zalando, C&A, Foot Locker, Tennis-Point, DefShop, and many more. This fashion content spans many different text types including product, category, and brand descriptions, blog posts and landing pages. The copy has also been produced in a wide selection of the +30 languages and variations we offer.

greatcontent knows what is needed to make fashion texts successful. Ask us for a quote today and find out how we can help you with your fashion copywriting needs.

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"Apart from the good price-performance ratio, we value above all the constructive and open cooperation with greatcontent."

Patrick Grunwald, Senior SEO Manager (C&A)



Founded in 1841, C&A operates an international chain of fashion retail stores. Very active in all of Europe, its online shop is rolled out in 9 different languages.


Content and SEO marketing are a higher priority since 2016 because SEO has been identified as the better to grow compared to the SEA. C&A does not have the capacity to produce all their content in-house, and greatcontent was the best provider to deliver high-quality content in all languages with local flavors.


Once a month C&A sends greatcontent a list of category pages with high conversion & profit potentials in its required languages. greatcontent checks for entirety the lists and offers to consult during the whole process..


Since 2016, greatcontent created 600+ category pages and blog posts in 8 languages: DE, FR, ES, IT, PL, NL, UK, PT.


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