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There are many reasons why well-written marketing copy is particularly valuable for companies in the automotive industry. With 88% of people researching potential cars online before buying, and with millions of enthusiasts worldwide reading editorial content about new and classic vehicles on multiple devices, one would think that marketers in this sector would be cashing in on the obvious benefits of decent automotive SEO content. This, however, is not the case. You can get ahead with the automotive copy produced by the expert writers at greatcontent.

Content marketing strategies lend themselves so perfectly to the automotive sector in particular. Editorial content is used by marketers in many different industries to capture the interest, hearts, minds, and trust of customers. It’s used to inspire potential customers to return to the company’s site repeatedly, to encourage a connection between customers and the brand’s identity, and to convince people not only to buy but to repeat buy – in short, it’s used to build customer loyalty. This couldn’t be a more relevant strategy than when used in a sector like the automotive industry, where brand and customer loyalty are especially prominent.

It should come as no surprise, then, that written automotive content is the most important contributor to customers’ satisfaction and engagement with car websites, according to JD Power’s 2017 Manufacturer Website Evaluation Study. What is surprising is that most car manufacturers seem unaware of the importance of this editorial copy, and the automotive sector falls far behind most others when it comes to content marketing strategy. A shame, maybe – but also a chance for the automotive companies who are in-the-know to get ahead.

What does automotive content look like?

What form should automotive content take?

Many people may think that it’s all about descriptive texts, such as product descriptions. Of course, having appealing, informative, engaging, and, above all, accurate and expertly devised descriptions of the vehicles and their specifications on your website is extremely important. However, if you look at the biggest players in the game, you'll see there's more to a successful automotive content marketing strategy. Take Land Rover, one of the only car companies which shows a comprehensive approach to content marketing. As well as their product descriptions, this brand published regular entertaining travelogue instalments on their site which followed a driver in his Land Rover to different interesting places (with varied terrains) all around the world – what better way to show off what a car can do while keeping your readers engaged and coming back for more. A creative strategy including a mix of product/brand/category descriptions and long-form content could be what an automotive company needs to accelerate ahead of the rest.

greatcontent works with many big names in the automotive world

Our automotive content copywriting services are tried, tested, and approved.

We have provided well-received digital SEO content for well-known companies such as Autoscout24, Auto1, HappyCar, Sixt, and Autobiz, and these orders are crafted only by writers who are categorised as having the expertise and enthusiasm needed to write accurate and convincing copy about cars and vehicles. With a pool of 10,000 native-speaking, professional writers from around the world, clients can order their automotive content in +30 different languages and variations to considerably broaden their worldwide reach and audience.

With the concept of content marketing strategy being neglected by so many companies in the automotive industry, those with the right copywriting services have the chance to gain a competitive edge. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your automotive copywriting needs.

Case Study

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"Greatcontent delivers good quality at a fair price, everything is fast and uncomplicated".

Conrad Seemann, Senior Online Marketing Manager (Autoscout24)



Founded in 1998, AutoScout24 set out to connect vehicle sellers and buyers together on a platform. 19 years later, AutoScout24 ranks among the largest online marketplaces for vehicles in Europe, covering every segment from new and used cars to motorcycles and parts. 45.000 Traders use AutoScout24 across 17 markets.


AutoScout24 needed content in order to expand into different European markets, especially in Eastern Europe. Greatcontent was the only provider able to deliver all those languages and meet AutoScout24’s requirements, at a fair price and with great quality.


Greatcontent assigned an account manager to Autoscout24 to oversee all languages and also put 5 QA’s on the project to ensure quality and compliance with Autoscout24’s SEO standards.


Greatcontent supported Autoscout with +500 blog posts, category descriptions and model (product) descriptions in 5 Eastern European languages since 2015.


Some automotive text samples

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