Indian Restaurants in London

Whether you want a pistachio-flavoured delicacy from northwest India or a spicy seafood creation from Kerala, the British capital is a great place to eat Indian food.

Our app makes it easy to stay ahead of the crowd when seeking out top-quality Indian restaurants in London: a city which features stellar options for both sit-down meals and deliveries.

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We know that finding great Indian food can be a bit hit-and-miss, which is why we’ve tried to sample every samosa and classify every korma around. We’ve gathered together the most popular spots in Brick Lane, trawled the West End for upscale curry houses, and ventured into the suburbs to find the finest subcontinental food in town.

From the veggie specials at Jai Krishna in Stroud Green to the Bengali masterpieces on offer at Brick Lane’s Sheba and the southern Indian dishes at Stoke Newington’s Rasa Travancore, our selection has something for everyone.

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Our app also makes it simple to have incredible curries delivered straight to your door. Just scroll through local highlights chosen by our team of intrepid diners, and we’ll arrange for your food and drinks to be with you in a matter of minutes.

We’ve double-checked every restaurant on our website – because we just can’t stand sub-standard food. When you order with us, you can be sure that your meal will arrive piping hot and full of flavour.

So don’t gamble on finding great Indian food. Book or order with us and we’ll make sure that your next curry is a cut above the rest.