The Tertill Solar-Powered Weeding Robot

Conquer the creeping advance of weeds and give your back a rest with the Tertill solar-powered weeding robot. Smart technology has well and truly arrived in the garden with this handy little robot, which blends simple ideas and advanced technology to revolutionise the way we grow plants at home.

The Tertill weeding robot is designed to live in the garden, drawing power from the sun’s rays and scuttling about in between plants to take care of weed growth as soon as it arises. Using solar energy, recycled materials, and no chemicals, it’s an excellent tool for organic growers or anyone who hates the hard work of weeding.

How does it work?

Well, the robot is mounted on a series of wheels which allow it to nip about between plants. When it encounters a stem above a certain height, the Tertill robot turns away, confident that he has found a plant which needs to stay. But if the stem doesn’t measure up, it knows it’s time to get weeding.

When an undersized interloper is discovered, the electronics inside get to work, engaging the Tertill robot’s weed-whacker. A sharp cutter lops off the weed just above the ground, keeping unwanted plants away from the sunlight and protecting the ones that matter.

Using the weeding robot at home.

There are also some clever ideas for keeping young shoots safe and sound as the Tertill garden robot works. Growers only need to place lightweight collars around plants that have to be left alone so that Tertill can concentrate on removing only pests.

The robot can work in small and medium-sized gardens, even ones with gentle slopes in their design. The only thing that gardeners will need to do is establish a small border around the area for the Tertill bot to work in. He’s smart, but he can still wander off.

Tertill makes home gardening a breeze. Save time, protect your back muscles, and give your garden a chance to thrive with the Tertill weeding robot: the latest innovation in smart outdoor technology.