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Product descriptions

At greatcontent, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to product description copywriting; we deliver thousands of product description orders every month to high-profile clients such as eBay, Foot Locker, AutoScout24, and AmbienteDirect among many others. Product descriptions are an important cornerstone of SEO content marketing strategies, and we know what makes them effective (and what doesn’t).
The purpose of a product description might seem simple: it’s a text that informs the reader about a product. This is only half the story, and knowing what makes high-quality product descriptions is crucial to having ones which actually increase your sales and revenue. A survey conducted by Shotfarm, a product image provider, showed that 95% of customers believe that product description content is extremely important to their online buying decisions. So, when treated as a vital part of the customer experience, these texts can be powerful. The key to successful product description copywriting? These texts shouldn’t just inform but also sell.
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The descriptive role of these texts is very important.

Marketers must be aware of the level of detail needed in product descriptions. Generally, the more information a potential buyer has about a product, the more likely they are to buy and repeat buy. The OneSpace blog states that 98% of online shoppers are said to not complete an online purchase due to incomplete product information, and 50% of buyers in a survey returned products due to not having been given enough detail in the product description when buying. Insufficient detail in a product description can mean less-satisfied customers, fewer sales, and a lower ROI of your content. You can ensure happy return buyers by giving them all the specs they need to make a successful buying decision.

What makes a product description sell?

Actually, more than just specs.

Product information may encourage the shopper to take final action and hit “Buy”, but it is not what wins them over. Product descriptions need to appeal to readers and should be written in a tone that will well-target the target audience. Effective product descriptions appeal to the imaginations of online shoppers, and the benefits for the buyer should be clearly highlighted. But copywriters shouldn’t get carried away when creating product descriptions; the overuse of extreme adjectives, superlatives and throw-away phrases will make the text seem sloppy and insincere. (Really? The “best, most amazing office chair in the world”?)

Search engine optimized product descriptions

Make sure the search-engine crawlers find your content.

Product description copy is precious SEO content with the ability to boost your SERP ranking, especially if you have the content in multiple languages. With plenty of keyword-rich SEO content about your products online, it will be much easier for customers who want your products to find you. By using carefully selected keywords and well-crafted keyword phrases, you can draw in the customers that are ready to buy – someone searching for “shoes” is probably just browsing, but someone searching for “Jordan 3 Retro Men’s shoe” is probably ready to purchase! However, keyword stuffing will certainly not help your ratings, so it’s a fine balance to strike.

Product descriptions are something we’re good at.

greatcontent’s product description copywriting services provide E-Commerce companies with appealing SEO content which both informs online shoppers and compels them to buy – not to mention improves companies’ SEO rankings by making their products more ‘searchable’ or ‘findable’.

Even when producing content at scale, we ensure each product description is well-crafted to suit the marketing needs and specifications of each company. Among the 10,000+ writers in our multilingual writer pool are experts in many fields; they have the knowledge to write product descriptions that are accurate, comprehensive, and engaging. Get a quote from us for product description copywriting today.