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Landing pages

Landing pages: probably the most crucial SEO content when it comes to your conversion rates and leads acquisition. Having created these pages for well-established clients such as Zalando, Hello Fresh, and BRAINLEAD, greatcontent knows what it means to write landing page editorial content that gets significant results.
A landing page is where your potential customers will wind up after they have clicked on one of your company’s search engine optimized search results or carefully placed online advertisements. So, you can be sure you have already peaked their interest, and a successful landing page is what will transform this curiosity into solid customer leads or sales. This SEO content cleverly steers curious customers in the direction of your site and specific products, or it yields its power to convince them to sign up with personal informal, producing a customer lead. It’s what your conversion rates are depending on, and it’s a vital tool for driving traffic to your page and improving your site’s overall SEO. In other words, landing pages are not to be underestimated and should be expertly developed.
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The impact of decent landing page copywriting

When you look at the stats, you see the positive effects of using landing pages in undeniable.

Hubspot reports that companies which increase their number of landing pages from just 10 to 15 see a 55% average increase in leads, and ImpactBND states that the most successful landing pages recorded in 2018 have conversion rates of up to 11.45%. Somewhat concerning is that building, designing and testing effective landing pages is allegedly one of the biggest challenges that marketers face; claims that a huge 75% of companies struggle to create appropriate landing page copy. This emphasises the importance of utilising experienced, expert landing page copywriting services… and it suggests that you could get far ahead of the game by doing so!

What a landing page should (and shouldn’t) be

Creating a successful landing page means being quite specific.

This editorial copy should be leading potential customers to a certain product, offer, piece of information or sign-up opportunity. The page should not be too general or be about your company as a whole (although it must be strongly connected to your brand). It should speak to a specific audience, the one that was targeted by your advert or SEO search result, about the particular thing which you are trying to deliver to them and the certain action you want them to take: likely “buy” or “sign up”. This copy should be focused: any sign-up forms should not be off-putting (so, not too long) and only the customer information that is relevant to achieving your marketing motives should be asked for. All in all, this must be carefully crafted, purely relevant content.

Effective landing page copywriting

This is what is needed to give your sales, leads, and conversion rates a boost and to get ahead of the game when it comes to the competition.

greatcontent has the experience and expertise to deliver search engine optimised landing pages that yield notable results. With a 10,000+ strong pool of professional copywriters with a range of field-specific expertise and SEO know-how, we have the capacity to create effective landing page copy for several different industries at scale, and not to mention in 30+ languages and variations to ensure that your on-site content is truly localised and reaches consumers in your target markets effectively.

Get a quote for our landing page copywriting services today and get ahead of the three-quarters of companies that are dissatisfied with their landing page marketing copy – and are likely losing out because of it.