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Destination descriptions

greatcontent understands how valuable destination description copywriting services can be to airlines, travel agencies, and other travel-related platforms. We provide vibrant and effective SEO destination descriptions to a number of well-recognised clients such as KAYAK, GoEuro, FlixBus,, and Expedia. Even when producing content at scale, our expert travel writers create accurate, well-researched, culturally sensitive, and highly informative texts that will inspire readers to book that flight, bus, room, or package deal.
It’s much more effective trying to sell a beautiful, interesting, culturally-rich location than it is to sell a plane ticket or a hotel room. This is where destination descriptions are useful. Hotel chains, airlines, or travel platforms for booking accommodation and transport can all benefit from the colourful appeal of professionally-written SEO content which describes the exciting destinations their readers could get to – if they would only just click “Book” on their site! These texts improve conversion rates for travel service providers by appealing to one of the most common desires shared by most of us: to get away. However, destination descriptions can also improve a site’s visibility on the SERPs and give these sites a competitive advantage in what is, today, a rather saturated market.
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What decent travel copy looks like

Destination description copywriting is a fine and precise art.

These texts should communicate with their readers in a highly sensory way – allowing them to imagine what they could see, touch, taste, hear, and smell – in the attempt to momentarily transport them to a given location and make them feel close enough that they could reach out and grab it (…by clicking “Book”). The primary purpose of this content is to influence buyer behaviour by evoking this emotional response, but at the same time, these texts must be entertaining to read, be informative, and contain plenty of accurate, well-researched information that’s of value to a potential visitor to the destination.

Copy which does this effectively will not only encourage readers to buy or book, but it will also inspire them to continue reading, to read more, and to read again on the same site. It’ll give them the nudge to share and spread the content and improve a sites traffic and readership. Nice images help too, but, ultimately, “content is king”: proPRcopy explains how rich destination description copy is by far the most effective way to really express the atmosphere of a place and to give the reader enough information to make an informed decision and not have buyer’s remorse – this will improve the perceived reliability of your site.

The effect of (long-form) travel content on a site’s SEO

In the travel industry, you really have to stand out with your content.

With the provision of travel and booking services being an already rather saturated market, expertly crafted destination descriptions can be crucial to your SERP rankings and your site’s overall SEO. With many websites offering the same services, flights, airline tickets, rooms, etc., your destination descriptions will give you the chance to include a broader range of cleverly-targeted keywords and keyword combinations which will ensure more browsers land on your site and use your services. An example: with a few compelling pieces about different aspects of Paris on your site, you’ll bring home many more searchers than if you were only to have the flight schedules or hotel listings for this city (just think: “Paris in the summer”, “Paris food”, “activities in Paris”… all of these searches could lead people to you and your offered services).

Destination description copywriting is one of the most artful forms of content creation and requires a good deal of accurate, thoughtful research – so you’ll need an expert hand. Find out how greatcontent can connect you with experienced, travel-minded copywriters today and get a quote for your desired travel content today.