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Regular site updates in the form of blog posts can do wonders for your site’s online visibility. greatcontent provides blog post copywriting services to a number of well-known companies – such as C&A, AutoScout24, KAYAK, FlixBus, and ACCOR Hotels – to help them boost their online readership and SERP rankings with appealing and frequently updated editorial content that readers enjoy.
In a digital marketing context, blogs are used by companies to discuss their products, services, or general field or industry online in a way which is supposed to generate return readership and brand awareness. Blog posts that engage people will encourage them to stay on the site longer and maybe explore it further. These texts can provide readers with the information or answers they need, which will strengthen their positive feelings towards the company. Furthermore, when crafted as valuable SEO content, blog post editorial can do wonders for a company’s online visibility and SERP rankings.
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What can blog content do for your company?

The stats:

It’s hard to deny to effectiveness of blogging when you look at examples of how it has worked for other companies. RedEvolution states that marketers who use online blogs gain 67% more business leads and 97% more links to their websites – and with link building being one of the main elements of successful SEO and better SERP rankings, this is big news.

However, “blog post = marketing success” isn’t the end of the story. There are right (and wrong) ways to create blog posts, which is why professional blog post copywriting services are so valuable to modern companies. Important is to remember that you need to create content that will keep both the search engine crawlers (that are ranking your site for the SERPs) and your human audience (who are engaging with and, hopefully, further recommending your site/brand) happy.

Search engine crawlers tend to favour sites with fresh and regularly updated content.

This is the first way that frequent blog instalments can improve your site’s SEO. Furthermore, blog posts present the opportunity to use a more diverse selection of keywords and phrases. When compared to other online text types, blog posts are generally longer editorial pieces (usually 1,500 to 5,000 words) and are about broader topics. This means they provide scope for plenty occurrences of your main keywords but also – actually more importantly – keywords which are less common and will be up against less competition from other sites. These longer texts also allow for plenty of interlinking, that will take browsers through the rest of your site, and external hyperlinking to other reliable sources, which will improve your site’s reputation in the eyes of crawlers.

Create blog posts that (human) readers enjoy

Catering only to search engine logic alone will not result in an effective blog.

Next, you have to ask yourself: “who cares?” If you want a blog to be successful (meaning it encourages long stays on your site, click-throughs to other pages on the server, and return visitors) it must deliver information that’s interesting or useful to the readers. This is what will make them engage, read, return, remember, and buy. Think of what kind of information readers who are interested in your field would find valuable. Simply writing about your company at length will not cut it, even if this presents a lot of opportunities for using appropriate keywords, because remember: “who cares… really?”.

Getting your blogs posts right could make or break your content marketing strategy. Find out how greatcontent can help you with blog post copywriting today.