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A strong SEO strategy is the only way to rise up Amazon’s all-important search rankings. As the marketplace expands, listing optimisation can put companies in the right place to capitalise, and we can guide you along the path to success. From choosing the right keywords and using pictures effectively to writing SEO-optimised titles, bullet points, and descriptions, we can help you discover what makes an effective Amazon listing.
Which criteria should be optimised?
Some factors have more impact on Amazon search rankings than others, so focus your efforts efficiently to maximise returns. Discover the criteria that optimise your ranking:
  • Text lengths and character limitations
  • Mobile ready content (text, images)
  • Product presentation and brand identity
  • Localisation of keywords and texts
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Success Factors of an Amazon Listing

Optimised listing content for Amazon

Every product listing needs to fulfil certain criteria to succeed in the SEO jungle. We will lead you through standard and mobile optimisation techniques that will ensure you’re on the right track. From the optimisation of titles, bullet points, and product descriptions to keyword research for the Amazon A9 search engine.

Positive reviews and FAQs

Attracting positive Amazon reviews is a huge factor in SEO success, and listings benefit significantly from the inclusion of informative, clearly-written FAQs. Learn about these core Amazon ranking factors and how to control them.

Correct product information and categorisation

Creating optimised content for Amazon requires balancing SEO techniques and comprehensive product information. This means delivering information that customers need and linking them to Amazon categories to enable users to find your products easily.

Product availability and distribution

Ensure that buyers receive the best possible delivery option whenever they make a purchase decision in order to ensure conversions. SEO optimised products should be categorised as “Prime” products, meaning they’re delivered by FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) or SFP (Seller-Fulfilled-Prime).

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