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greatcontent provides multilingual SEO content production services – copywriting, editing, and translation – in +30 languages and variations. For this, we work with a pool of over 10,000 experienced, professional, native-speaking copywriters who create accurate and 100% original texts that are expertly optimised for the SERP.
We certainly understand the importance of multilingual content marketing in today’s globalised digital world.
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Today, SEO content marketing is one of the most important tools used by companies to reach and influence audiences worldwide; it’s an extremely effective way for businesses to maintain an international presence, to present their products and services, and to transform potential new customers into loyal repeat buyers.
The Lemonstand E-Commerce platform has reported that 70% of buyers prefer to learn more about a company and its offerings through content rather than other marketing methods such as advertising. However, today, SEO content marketing which is restricted to one language is also limited regarding its audience, its reach, and, ultimately, its return on investment.
The English language has lost its stronghold over the web. Although it’s the language that once dominated the Internet, the growth of English content online between 2001 and 2011 (281%) was substantially less than that of many other languages such as Spanish (743%) and Russian (1,826%) during this decade, according to K-International.
The Common Sense Advisory currently estimates that 12 languages are needed for content to reach 80% of internet users. So, one language for your online editorial content, even if that language is almost-universal English, will not be enough – which is why multilingual content writing services are so crucial.

Why is multilingual content so crucial to forming a successful marketing strategy?

First, think big: internationalisation.

This means bringing your company to an international audience and entering new, lucrative markets worldwide. The increased customer-base and global exposure mean great improvements to a company’s reputation and revenue, and one of the most cost-effective ways to ensure an international presence is by having your online content in the languages of the markets you want to reach. By doing so, you make your content accessible to potential customers that would, otherwise, be excluded – not to mention you’ll light a fire under your multilingual SEO rankings, with more customers worldwide being able to search you and your products in their native languages.

Now think smaller: localisation.

This means tailoring your content to align with the native languages and sensibilities of customers from certain countries and cultures. In a study, nine out of ten Internet-users claimed to prefer a website with content in their native language, and 75% of Internet users stated that they would not make an important buying decision when reading about a product in a language that’s not their native tongue, according to the Common Sense Advisory. People like to search and read about products in their native languages. So, you can improve the ROI of your content by making it speak directly to the audiences you want to reach. By doing so, companies can significantly increase their profits.

Is it just about language?

Much more, actually. Localisation and internationalisation are also about forming strong connections with customers from different geographical backgrounds and cultures, which, in turn, helps build trust and customer loyalty.

Buyers tend to trust companies that communicate with them in their native language and which seem to show a commitment to doing business in their country. Customers are more trusting of content which shows awareness of their culture, which can be done by adopting a certain language or dialect. In short, multilingual content is the key to ensuring loyal, repeat buyers.

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Since 2011, greatcontent has grown from a content marketplace – used mainly as a self-service tool by content marketers – intro a thriving and leading online marketing content production agency.

Our writers produce around 20,000 content and translation orders every month, and we have produced multilingual SEO copy for over 1,000 clients in +30 languages and variations including our speciality languages German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and English (UK/US).

Having top-quality, authentic, and original SEO content in the languages of your target markets is the key to your company’s success. Take a look at the types of text we can produce for you and find out how easy multilingual content production can be with greatcontent.