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20th November, 2019

In early December the marketing world moves its attention to Berlin, as Marketing Underground (MU) takes centre stage. Running on the 3rd of December at ARENA Berlin, a true hybrid event, it mixes classic trade show, technology expo, and thought summits together, offering something totally unique.

It's also one of the most dynamic, stimulating, and productive events of the year. So, naturally, the team at greatcontent are heavily involved, and ready to contribute.

If you're in Europe and want to attend, spaces are available. But even if you don't you can follow the action via social media and the web. And it's well worth making the effort. MU is a lot more than a standard trade event, and there's likely to be a talk, demonstration, or networking opportunity for everyone.

What to Expect from Marketing Underground 2019

2019's edition will feature over 3,000 participants from all corners of the marketing world. There are over 28 keynote speakers on the event's two stages, including names that will be familiar to those who follow SEO and content marketing gurus, along with plenty of inspirational contributors.

Where else could you hear a performance by the rapper Curse, online prankster and guerrilla marketer Oobah Butler, or Andre Morys, the CEO of global conversion maestros konversionsKRAFT?

There will be the chance to gain in-person insights into graphic design and marketing from Aaron Draplin - one of the most in-demand brand experts in the world. Simon Mader will explain how to optimise returns from Facebook ads, Calvin Hollywood will demystify social media videos, while Aaron Troschke (Hey Aaron) will provide cutting edge feedback on making the most of YouTube and Instagram influencers.

Straight from the Underground: Introducing Marco Janck

MU is the brainchild of German event organiser and marketing expert Marco Janck. As part of the preparations for the 2019 edition, we sat down with Janck to hear more about what makes the event special, and what to expect this year.

GC: Why did you organise a new trade show?

MJ: I have seen and experienced many expos, conferences and other events in the last decades and always felt like something was missing - an essential and decisive perspective or a secret ingredient to make it more humane. That's where the Marketing Underground started. We want to be more humane and urban than other marketing events dare to be. It's not meant to be purely about the perfect marketing of the big brands, but more about the difficult path that workers in marketing have to take everyday to achieve successful results. We want to imagine marketing from a different perspective, and to implement it in a way that is less clean and sterile than conventional expos and events. Humanity and the passion are meant to be the center of attention.

GC: What is the Unique Selling Point that makes your even so innovative?

MJ: We won't fully reinvent the idea of an expo with Marketing Underground but we will add a new dimension. As soon as you enter the location you will feel the difference. It's not about exerting maximum pressure regarding sales or minimizing costs. Instead, it's more about starting a dialogue through communication which will be a much more humane way to make sales. The event should remind you more of a marketplace than an expo. Everyone who is looking for key announcements and marketing tips and tricks is free to roam throughout the entire hall, visiting the booths of the exhibitors. And it's not just about making purchases. It's more about receiving help with their marketing needs. As the organizers, we will support this with the concept of "Marketing Tips and Stories", as well as the great lineup of speakers at two stages within the venue. Both stages will host experts talking about their daily marketing business, some of which you don't get to see too often in Germany.

GC: What is the highlight of this edition?

MJ: There will be lots of highlights at this year's event. Personally, I am looking forward to the sessions featuring Aaron Draplin and Oobah Butler - two people that have created new impulses through their different approaches. One of them by being very down-to-earth and the other one by trying to outsmart our current marketing techniques.

GC: Who is the target audience?

MJ: MU is made for everyone that has a passion for marketing and wants to involve themselves in innovative marketing environments. But we also want to give newcomers the opportunity to get in touch with marketing professonals. The event is a touchpoint to people that don't just talk about marketing in theory, but actually implement it. People that know that marketing isn't always that easy.

GC: Is there any other relevant information for readers to know about?

MJ: It's really important to know what to expect when visiting MU. If a visitor wants to see a high gloss expo or a fantastic grand show he will probably be disappointed. This is not what we do. We want to make it about being more humane within the industry, and to provide some space for an idea like this. Look at the event as a first step towards our aim and try to see it as an invitation and demand to shape the future with us.

How Does greatcontent Fit into Marketing Underground 2019?

As you can probably tell from Jancks words, the event's two days are filled with appealing talks, featuring genuine thought leaders. It's the kind of place companies need to be if they want to stay relevant in digital marketing, as well as a forum to show off innovations that could change clients' lives.

That's why greatcontent will be running an unmissable booth throughout the event. Our team at the booth will explain our industry-leading approach to Multilingual SEO and E-Commerce content creation, as well as providing advice about creating travel content, commissioning third party content, and managing marketing budgets.

Get in Touch, and Meet the greatcontent Team at Booth Number 29

If you are going to be at this year's event, we'd love to touch base. It's a great opportunity to discuss your needs, and find potential content marketing solutions. To make an appointment at the greatcontent booth, just use our handy calendar, and pencil in a slot between workshops or keynote speakers. We'll be in booth number 29 in the main expo hall.

Alternatively, if you can't make it, be sure to check out the upcoming industry events we will be attending. We make a point of covering as many key marketing events as possible, from Malta to Milan. So contact us, and feel free to see us in person.

Text: Sam Urquhart

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