Landing pages are at the heart of every campaign

What to look out for in 2021 when creating yours

What is a landing page and what makes it so interesting?

As the name suggests, a landing page is a page that your visitors land on - via Google search or because they clicked on a banner or the link in an email. So, prior to this you’ve placed your adverts, sent marketing emails and taken care of your SEO density. And you’ve done a pretty good job of it. Users arrive at your landing page and usually complete an action: They buy your product or service or leave their contact details. Because: A landing page is not primarily used for advertising or information, but is focused on an action, the call-to-action (CTA).

Why are landing pages so important?

How can you quickly achieve your goals (expand customer base, convey a message or sell a product) like in online marketing? Take a look at our summary below to learn what online marketing is all about, and our tips on what to look out for.

What are the marketing goals of a landing page?

The goal of all landing pages is to increase the conversion rate. In order for this to work, users must be given a positive online experience: They need to find exactly what they were looking for. Your potential customers have a problem and they’re looking for a solution, which your company can offer thanks to your expertise. Once trust has been established, there is a greater chance that the user will convert. This means: The visitors to your landing page are engaged or at least interested. They make a purchase or are ready to leave their details. In this piece, we’ll reveal our specialist knowledge from over ten years of experience in SEO and content creation in the hope that by the end, you’ll be ready to talk to us, and eventually order, the content creation for your next landing pages.

What exactly is a landing page about?

A landing page usually describes a product or service. Readers will find all the information they need here - no more, no less. The page only deals with one topic (what do you offer?), but it is so detailed and precise that no questions remain unanswered and the next step in the customer experience is the conclusion of the contract. In contrast, there is the LINK -> category page, which deals more generally with a main topic.

What does a landing page cost?

The one-time setup costs vary depending on the web designer or agency. Once the framework is in place, however, an infinite number of landing pages can be built. With your landing page template, you have a free advertising material at hand, so to speak, with which you can describe your products and services in detail and highlight the advantages. And best of all: It has long lasting effects because SEO is organic in contrast to SEM or SEA.

What are the next steps in conquering new markets?

New markets mean new target groups and each target group deserves to be addressed in their native language. Once a landing page is in place, however, it is easy to translate it into other languages. Transcreators or translators ensure that the landing page engages users in other languages just as much as it does in the original, or you have the page translated using a CAT tool and human post-editors who ensure that everything is linguistically perfect.

What does a good landing page need? Tips for conception and conversion-oriented optimisation

There are a few essential elements that must be found on every landing page. You can find out what these are and how they are used in the following points.

What's the best design for a landing page?

There are numerous ways to design a landing page. They aren’t all equally suitable for your project. You need to be clear about which style best suits your project: Whether minimalist, text-based, colourful, flowery or pop art style - it is important that you stay true to the CI of your company or your brand.

The heart of the landing page is text, text and more text. How can you make it stand out?

You might be ready to create the texts for the landing page yourself, or you have a copywriter that’s familiar with the tone of your company. If not, the next step is to find the ideal linguist and to clarify in the briefing exactly which content belongs on the page and which keywords are important. Because without SEO, nobody will find your text unless you’re constantly advertising on other channels.

More languages -> more sales. Where can I get the multilingual texts?

Computer-to-human translations are a special service we can offer you, in which post-editors edit computer-translated texts. They localise the texts, that is, they adapt them to local customs and integrate target market-specific keywords. Alternatively, you can also commission a transcreation, which is where, after a detailed briefing, a linguist writes a new text that is specially tailored to the target market. The end result can be quite different from the source text, which can be an advantage for its ranking.

How do you manage to structure content in a clear and engaging way?

You have a lot to say, and that's a good thing. But beware: A sea of text is unappealing. On the other hand, a text that is clearly structured, divided into several small paragraphs and broken up with pictures is fun to read.

A landing page's most important elements

Heading and subheading

get to the heart of the topic and arouse curiosity; format as H1 and P.

The main text

precisely describes what it is about and is a stimulating read. Format the headings here as H2 and H3, check again that no spelling errors have crept in, and that the “Above the Fold” area is being used effectively. It’s a good idea to insert lists and tables in extensive texts.

Media elements

Integrate images, graphics, animations, videos, interactive elements or something similar. They support the message and make it easier to read.


This can be a button, for example. It should be eye-catching and clear, precise and challenging. The colour of the button should be carefully considered, because it has a decisive influence on the conversion rates and thus the success of your landing page.

Where can I find the best landing page templates?

greatcontent customers love our ready-made layouts on offer that they are welcome to use. With the editor on our platform, a preview including graphics can be created before the text is entered.

How long should a landing page be?

The more complex the product or service, the more the text needs to say. But the type of conversion also affects the length of the text. If visitors are only supposed to click on a further page with more detailed information, a small amount of text is required. If, on the other hand, you need to disclose data, the amount of text increases. The amount of text required is greatest when the goal of the page is an immediate conversion (for example, a purchase).

In order to rank highly on Google and other search engines in the long term, a longer text of up to 1,500 words in which keywords are smoothly inserted is also recommended.

Why update / optimise landing pages regularly?

If you've chosen the right KPIs and achieved your goals, you don't have to do anything. If, on the other hand, you are of the opinion that there is still more to be done in the area of conversions, make sure you revise your landing pages regularly. Not only do the readers want to be sure that they are reading the latest news, the search engines also reward updates with a better ranking.

You should have a dedicated landing page for every service and product. If this is to rank well on Google in the long term, it should be search engine optimised.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you place a landing page?

Visitors can reach your landing page via Google search, advertisement, mail / newsletter, social media or advertising in print or TV.

Should you link landing pages to the homepage?

Classic landing pages stand alone and can only be reached via a link or something similar. In special cases, the landing page can also be found via link within the user experience.

Do additional links belong on a landing page?

It is better not to use unnecessary links. You don’t want users to be tricked into leaving the site via a menu or external links. Social Media-Buttons: Buttons for Facebook or Google+ can distract from the actual goal of the page.

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