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Why Building Landing Pages Matters for SEO and Conversions

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If your content isn’t performing as desired, or you just aren’t converting site visits into sales, we need to talk about landing pages. These underappreciated site elements are often instrumental parts of online success – but many businesses treat them like an afterthought.

For instance, according to Adobe, only around 50% of landing pages are mobile optimised, and around half of businesses use A/B testing to model landing pages for conversion rates. Modelling landing pages for SEO optimisation is rare, while according to MarketingSherpa’s Landing Page Handbook, 62% of companies that use landing pages extensively only use 6 or less.

There’s clearly a lot of untapped potential here. So let’s find out what it means to create an SEO-friendly landing page and how greatcontent can help.

What Are Landing Pages Anyway?

The first step to creating an SEO and conversion-focused landing page is being clear about what these pages set out to achieve.

Basically, landing pages function as an entry point for those coming from outside a website. They can link directly from search engine results, mobile apps, email marketing content, or advertisements. In all cases, the aim of the page is to persuade visitors to convert (i.e., make a purchase).

This isn’t the same thing as a fully-featured home page. Landing pages are focused on specific funnels and target those who come to the site via particular sources. They aren’t designed to distract users or offer multiple options. They intend to channel users towards specific outcomes.

Are Landing Pages Good for SEO?

Landing pages aren’t primarily used to boost search engine rankings, but they need to be optimised for SEO.

On their own merits, landing pages can have SEO benefits. For example, landing pages should be totally optimised to promote a strong user experience, and this usually helps sites rank better. But having lots of landing pages won’t be an automatic route to SEO dominance.

The truth is the SEO is good for landing pages, not the other way around. If a landing page is going to deliver maximum conversion rates, it needs to rank well for relevant long-tail keywords and it must be well-written and relevant to the interests of search users – among other things.

Some Landing Page SEO Best Practices 

When planning landing page SEO optimisation, we find that it’s useful to keep a few core elements in mind, and work around them.

1. Use Concise Headlines that Attract Attention

Keeping headlines brief and to the point is essential, but they also need enough content to explain to users what the landing page is about.

As a rule, the headers on an SEO-optimised landing page should include information about the offer involved, explaining very clearly why users should click through to the next stage of the sales funnel.

2. Focus on Keyword Research Like Any Other Content

When constructing content for landing pages, don’t skimp on keyword research. Content should be succinct and easy to digest, but it also needs to be informative, relevant, and tightly focused on correctly targeted keywords.

As with the title, remember that the content is there to explain why the landing page exists and what the user needs to do next. There’s not much else to it.

3. Make the Next Step as Simple as Possible

Don’t make users jump through multiple hoops to download your white paper or order a brochure. Place the relevant fields or buttons at centre stage, where they are easily visible (both for laptop and mobile users).

Never include more than one offer on a single landing page. Don’t make users “choose” between offers after clicking through. A good conversion-focused landing page should clearly direct them to a specific product or action.

4. Visuals Matter

Landing pages should ideally be light on text but, of course, not empty of content. They can use videos if necessary (while avoiding annoying autoplays), but attractive graphics and photos tend to work better.

Don’t overwhelm visitors with graphical content. Just use it to enhance the elements that matter: the text and the conversion button or text field.

Remember These Landing Page Essentials to Maximise Conversion Rates

It’s important to get landing pages right, and the marketing benefits are huge. However, if you aren’t sure about how to create and use landing pages, don’t worry.

At greatcontent, we understand the required style and quantity of landing pages as well as how to populate them with content that optimises both SEO and conversions.

Get in touch with our team, and we’ll come up with specially tailored landing page copywriting services which will show off your products or services and allow your business to shine.

Text: Sam Urquhart

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