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How to grow and expand your business with the right content strategy

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Momox: Developing the right content strategy for business growth

Being on top is not enough!

Getting to market leadership is hard, but staying in the top position is even harder. The challenge for many companies is that once they reach the top of their niche is how to keep up with leadership standards.

What do you do when you finally reach that #1 position on SERP?  

In this blog post, momox explains how, with the help of greatcontent, they developed a content strategy that has helped them extend their keyword spectrum and maintain the rankings they gained.

  • The challenge
  • The strategy
  • The outcome
  • The learnings 

The challenge: how can the right content strategy help to grow an already established business?

For momox, after many years at the top of the market, the challenge was to acquire new users and to expand its existing user base. But how to do this from an organic perspective?  

The idea developed with the greatcontent team was to extend the keyword spectrum of the platform, trying to capture the search intent of users by triggering topic related ideas, keywords and concepts. 

For this reason, momox ran an analysis using several elements, helping to create a broader overview on a list of interesting, and of course, business-related topics that could be useful for users previously unfamiliar with momox. 

To run its research, momox used the following sources: 

  • Data exchanges with the performance marketing team including a detailed SEM and display campaign of search term analysis
  • Google trends
  • Google search bar (including google automatic suggestions on the search bar and related terms at the end of the SERP page) 
  • ubersuggest
  • Brainstorming and visual maps for connected topics

There’s a lot of evolution in the development of content in 2020, and the implications for everyone is that search engines are shifting from keywords to intent search and crawling. That is why it makes sense for each content team to plan their strategy accordingly. 

Once momox defined the topics they wanted to cover, we established a roadmap, based on business priorities, success potential and last but not least, seasonality. 

The strategy

Thanks to the support of the greatcontent team, momox has been able to start covering and implementing new content areas where the competition with giants like eBay and Amazon –  direct competitors of the company – was not so fierce. In this way, momox, with the introduction of its “Guidebook”, has been able to climb on top of several niches but highly rewarding search terms. 

Focusing not solely on keyword goals but rather topic goals resulted in writers having more freedom to express their creative potential, resulting in great editorial content that is at the same time SEO optimized. The focus has been on quality rather than on quantity and, in this case, each briefing has been tailored to momox’s needs, creating a bespoke content piece for every topic covered. 

The outcome: how do I measure the success of my content activities?

As most of you know, a successful content strategy requires patience. Even if the content has always been delivered on time or even before the deadline, momox had to deal with some internal technical challenges and graphic always increasing workloads (always show love to your graphic team and bring them chocolate on a weekly basis).  

Momox established beforehand that the goal of this project was to bring more users, especially new users, to We set the discovery of our services as the primary goal and were ready to sacrifice conversion rate in order to have new people getting to know our business. 

As soon as we started publishing the first guides, linking them internally and pushing them on social media, as well as with some PR support, we noticed a significant increase in traffic and our organic presence definitely improved for many new keywords and search topics. In some cases, our content guides performed even better than our well-established category pages! 

It is therefore important to set clear priorities before kicking off in order to justify the results and the success/failure of a content campaign. 

The learnings – success, what’s next?

The good thing about great content marketing is that you can benefit from it in the long term, and what you seed today could have impact months or even years down the road. 

Evergreen content is also something that you can show with pride to your kids in the years to come! (OK I am overdoing a bit now – but you get the point). For momox, it has been about showing the importance of content for the discovery of their services, and the content team set this a key result within the general company goals. 

The visits overachieved the target set and what is more important is that traffic keeps flowing to those pages and is constantly increasing to this day. Given the successful results, momox is still continuing to create relevant content, guides and suggestions for its users.  

Like good wine, older content will continue to improve and newer content will support the growth and the relevance of older pages.


About momox: is Europe’s market leader in Re-Commerce. momox’s company mission is to give second-hand items a new home. As a leading online selling service for pre-owned books, DVDs/Blu-rays, CDs, games and clothing, momox gives individuals the opportunity to sell their used items quickly and easily at a fixed price. Customers can also purchase quality-tested second-hand books and media items up to 70% cheaper than the original selling price In 2020 momox is currently the biggest online media seller worldwide within Amazon. 

momox’ history started in 2004 ago in a small apartment in Berlin Kreuzberg. The business model is based on the purchase and reselling of second-hand media items like books, CDs, vinyl, video games and DVDs and is continuing to grow year over year.

During the years momox has become a synonym for selling books and media and, despite increasing competition, they have managed to stay relevant in their keyword search clusters to this day.

Text: Davide Pettenuzzo, SEO team lead, momox
Image: momox

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