How to Find the Right Writer

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How to find the right writer

Not all of us can combine the roles of content marketer and content writer. In fact, trying to mix the two tasks can often lead to major problems – problems that you’ve probably encountered yourself at some stage.

Good writers aren’t necessarily good at planning marketing campaigns, building websites, and actually coming up with content ideas. And as anyone who has had a brilliant idea only to translate it into a poorly-written failure will agree – marketers can struggle to put pen to paper.

So what’s the solution? How can we marry great ideas and skilful writing to enjoy the best of both worlds? Let’s suggest some ideas to find a copywriter who gets the job done in style.

1. Read, Read, and then Read Some More

Firstly, let’s assume you’re looking for a freelancer to write a regular blog to promote your business. Different issues apply when recruiting for permanent positions, but in this blog, we’re more concerned with mobilising unattached talent to supplement your marketing efforts.

When finding freelancers, it really helps to know who is writing fluently and knowledgeably about topics you care about. Most sectors have online publications which showcase freelancers, whether that’s Forbes, Entrepreneur, or

Take time to read relevant blogs and articles, and make contact with writers who seem to fit your style. Their social media details will usually be included with posts, and almost all will be seeking commissions, so they should be happy to hear from you.

2. Use a Trial Guest Post to See if Writers Have the Skills Required

If you already have a blog, you can use it to test whether potential writers really do have the imagination and tone to fit in with your site. Don’t assume that writers will replicate their work elsewhere for your purposes. And don’t assume that they will instantly “get” your brand message.

A good tactic is to ask writers to come up with a short guest blog to see what they have to offer. Be relatively broad with the subject matter, but stress that originality matters. Give writers the leeway to show off their creativity, and they may surprise you. Or they might turn in something dull and generic. Either way, you’ll know more about whether they are the right fit for your needs.

3. Connect With Freelance Communities Online

Contacting specific freelancers can pay dividends, but it’s not always the most efficient way to recruit a blog writer. Instead, it sometimes makes sense to float your ideas to larger writer communities and to invite applications from community members.

Marketplaces like Upwork are a bit of a minefield when it comes to finding talent, but can work well if you are realistic and don’t assume that a stellar writer will appear. And if you don’t actually recruit anyone, you can also use discussion forums to fine-tune your approach and solicit advice about finding bloggers. So it’s a good idea to be plugged into freelance communities in some form.

4. Be Patient, Be Clear, But Be Firm

You know what you want when you are recruiting a copywriter. Nobody else does, and writers can’t read minds. So be as clear as possible when writing briefs or job advertisements. Let writers know who you are, what you need, and information about the kind of writers who would fit your requirements.

When writers are on board, try to be patient with them as well. If the first post or two isn’t quite right, schedule a call or write a supplementary brief which explains the tone and content needed. And if that doesn’t work, be decisive. Freelance writers will understand when clients change their minds, but it pays to remember that fruitful relationships can take time to develop. So don’t be hasty.

5. Explore Specialist Content Writing Agencies

Finally, there’s another way to find writing talent which is less labour intensive and – potentially – the most effective strategy of all. If you work with content creation platforms like greatcontent, you can mobilise the skills of thousands of writers, enlist multilingual copywriters to localise texts, fine-tune texts with ease, and benefit from extra editing services to make sure everything is taken care of.

Not everyone like working through third-party platforms. In some cases, it’s better to have in-person relationships with writers. But if you want to combine efficiency and proficiency, sites like greatcontent are a good option. Get in touch, and we’ll be happy to explain more about how the process works. Hopefully, you’ll soon find an ace copywriter who can turn your ideas and inspiration into gold.

Text: Sam Urquhart

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