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Master Content Production with greatcontent & Hubspot’s Latest eBook

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Do you want to learn how to manage a large-scale content creation project from beginning to end? 

If so, you’re in the right place. greatcontent and Hubspot have pooled their digital marketing and content production expertise to produce an eBook which explains how the system works — from A to Z.

Starting with the initial stages of analysis and content conceptualisation, we walk readers through the whole process, discussing in detail the phases of content production, distribution, and evaluation. 

Finally, we show how to close the content circle, using the knowledge gained from the evaluation of content performance (through KPIs) to achieve maximum impact in future campaigns. Make sure to download the eBook in German and start making the most of our shared content production expertise.

What to know before producing copy: conceptualise your content plan

Let’s start at the beginning: planning a content creation strategy. Sound planning is essential for the production chain to function properly.

That’s why our book explains how to analyse your project goals, taking into account critical KPIs and your broader SEO strategy. We talk about choosing the type of content that’s best suited to your aims.

The end result will be a solid grounding on which to plan your next project, allowing you to hit the ground running.

Content production in practice: what and who are involved?

The second stage is the actual production or creation of the content. This is where expert content creators and editors are crucial.

But how does the content production process work, and what are your options?

We discuss the production possibilities available to marketers, including in-house production, using freelancers, or reaching out to content writing agencies.

It may seem daunting, but choosing to outsource content marketing is often the most cost-effective and practical option in the long run. 

Handing over production to a third party can sometimes feel like losing control — but don’t worry. Our book breaks down outsourcing content production into clearly understandable components. We demystify every stage, from dealing with an agency’s client managers to writing briefs and maintaining quality control.

Achieving content goals by monitoring KPIs

After explaining content distribution and when to publish for maximum impact, we look at how understanding KPIs like leads and conversion rates can “close the loop” in the content creation process.

KPIs tell you which content has been the biggest leads generator, which channels work best for your brand, and how to adapt your strategy for future campaigns. 

This creates a positive feedback dynamic which makes content more powerful and more profitable. In the end, that’s what our book is all about.

After reading our eBook, content production should be much easier to handle. Whether you are starting a campaign or want to refine your techniques, it’s full of valuable insights and ideas.

Download “The importance of Content Production within your SEO & Content marketing strategy” in German and start putting those insights into practice.

Text: Sam Urquhart

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