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How does collaboration with ghostwriters work: Our tips for online marketing professionals

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Ghostwriters are a great tool when you don’t have the capacity to create the new content you need. They produce high-quality content professionally and fast on behalf of your company.

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What are ghostwriters?

I’m sure you’ve already guessed that we aren’t talking about the ghosts that go bump in the night! No, ghostwriters are linguists who write texts on behalf of a person or company. However, they do not publish the work in their own name, but assign the rights of the created content to the client. So if you know exactly the content that you need, and the way you want it to look, it might not be necessary for you to write it yourself. This is often seen in speeches for politicians or celebrity biographies. But companies can also benefit from ghostwriting. Primarily, working with external ghostwriters can save you time. But it also saves you money, because the professional text writers work quickly and take it off your hands, saving your internal resources.

How do you distinguish between copywriting and ghostwriting?

The distinction between copywriters and ghostwriters is fluid. First and foremost, both create texts for companies or other clients, for brochures, flyers or newsletters for example. Both copywriters and ghostwriter resign as rights holders for their texts and remain anonymous in the background. This is what distinguishes them from authors. Depending on their own area of expertise, ghostwriters, for example, write blog articles, help students write theses or help celebrities write a biography. Copywriters tend to specialise in advertising texts. They write marketing texts or pieces on technical topics, such as the financial world, on the web or in technical fields. It’s important before commissioning to clarify the style of your content. For informational texts, ghostwriters are the best choice, for advertising copywriters are more suitable.

Is ghostwriting illegal?

That depends on the purpose. Ghostwriting is clearly illegal in scientific work. Anyone who submits a paper, thesis or doctorate signs with the submission that the work is their own expertise. If this is not true, it is science fraud. After all, scientific papers affect titles, accolades and ultimately, salaries. Another case is, for example, texts in online marketing. It is perfectly legal for editors and marketing experts to cooperate with ghostwriters. Articles, white papers, e-books and so on may be created by ghostwriters and published on behalf of the client or without a name. It’s worth noting, that is the case with this article — the greatcontent marketing department designed the content, but an external linguist wrote the text based on their briefing.

How much does ghostwriting cost?

The price varies considerably and depends on the respective subject and the demands on the desired text. Of course, the experience of the ghostwriter also plays a role. Greatcontent offers texts starting from 0.02 pounds per word. But our managed service is fundamentally different from the self-service option. You can search the greatcontent marketplace for suitable ghostwriters yourself and independently process the project with the selected linguists. This is a good option if you know exactly what you want and have a clear briefing. Otherwise, we recommend our all-round carefree package. This way, you can be sure that the content will be ready on time and will have been quality tested. The managed service is a huge time saver, and many businesses count on it.

How do you create multilingual texts?

If your website is geared to foreign markets, texts in different languages are essential. With many years of experience and sophisticated technology, greatcontent can quickly create these pieces, ensuring cost-effectiveness while maintaining a high standard. We employ a hybrid method utilising artificial intelligence and native speakers. In the first rough version, computer aided translation (CAT) tools generate content in the desired target languages. A native speaker then edits. They correct errors and add finishing touches to the text. If the content is geared to a new target market, it is also important to keep an eye on localisation. This is when texts are adapted to reflect cultural idioms. For example, it’s important to adapt language jokes, keywords, but also times and units. Where requested, our post-editors pay particular attention to the cultural nuances.

How do you successfully collaborate with ghostwriters?

If you’re looking for a suitable ghostwriter, the options on the internet are countless. The market is oversaturated with ghostwriters offering their expertise in various industries, topics and areas of study. They write non-fiction books, scientific works, autobiographies or entire novels. The prices range from nominal fees to extortionate sums. It can be difficult to find the right person to complete your project effectively. The cost is only one factor to consider, you also need to take into account the writer’s experience, skill and passion.

How do you find the right ghostwriter?

At greatcontent we help you choose the right ghostwriter for your project. We have over 30,000 ghostwriters in our pool of linguists. Filter them yourself on our marketplace, by area of expertise or experience, and you’ll receive a tailor made selection that matches your need. Some of our customers then complete a round of casting, to ensure they find the right fit. In this process, selected linguists write a sample text. Then the writers that best fulfil the requirements will be given the order. If that feels costly, or you’re short on time, the managed service is a good alternative. Our project managers select suitable ghostwriters and all you have to do is accept the finished texts.

What needs to be considered before commissioning?

The most important thing when it comes to ghostwriting is the brief. It’s only when the client knows exactly what the finished product should be that the writer can create the desired piece. Unlike scientific texts, many marketing experts simply don’t have the time to create a complete and thorough brief. The brief should describe the order in a clear and concise manner, mention structure and form, but also spelling and style. Only when the briefing is ready can the linguist formulate the corresponding text. It doesn’t matter how good a briefing is, you always need to leave space for any queries the writer may have. When the final questions are answered, there’s nothing standing in the way of you and a great text.

How to find ghostwriters with a suitable writing style?

So that your text lands with the desired audience, the ghostwriter must employ a style that matches your target market. Some clients believe that ghostwriters with a doctorate or other academic background are the safe choice. But often these candidates write sophisticated and complicated texts that can be quite dry, or not everyone understands them. It’s important to consider which style suits your audience. Should the content be easy to read, emotionally driven or full of pictures? A highly qualified ghostwriter with an academic background may not be right for you and your objective. It is important to ensure that the ghostwriter gets to the point, covering all your information while keeping the text entertaining.

Stay in control during production!

It’s important to check progress, and if necessary to correct the flight path throughout the project to make sure you’re on the right track with the collaboration. Creating milestones within the project process helps.

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The right ghostwriters really are worth their weight in gold, with them by your side you’re guaranteed to save time. The good news is, ghostwriting is not that expensive.

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Frequently asked questions

When is a ghostwriter needed?

Ghostwriters are a great tool if you and your employees lack the time or the necessary know-how for text creation.

How do you find the right ghostwriter for your project?

To choose the right ghostwriter, you need to consider experience, expertise and capacity. To successfully complete the project, the writing style must also match the target group. greatcontent will be happy to help you with your search.

How do we guarantee that the text meets expectations?

It’s important to cast upstream when searching for ghostwriters, to ensure you meet your desired goals. In addition, a full briefing and milestones are important for reviewing intermediate steps. There should also be space left for questions.

What does a ghostwriter agency do?

A ghostwriting agency specialises in scientific texts. But beware of science fraud in this field of work. In marketing, ghostwriters can be commissioned without any problems via content creation agencies such as greatcontent.

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