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30th September, 2020

The online gambling industry is a big but very competitive market. In the year ending September 2019, the UK's gross yield for online casino gambling was 3,190.09 million pounds and for remote sports betting, 2,121.00 million pounds! Win a share of this by paying close attention to your content marketing which is where greatcontent can help you.

Promote your gambling site by focusing on your marketing technique. Plan carefully, create a strong brand and set aside a healthy advertising budget and you'll drive traffic to your website. In fact, think of your gambling marketing as a casino game you have to win!

A gambling marketing strategy for betting industry success

Create a plan

First, know your market. Then:

  • Create a landing page that entices visitors to click and play.

  • Work out an advertising budget and where to target it.

  • Know the conversion metrics needed to survive and grow.

A landing page that builds brand awareness

Your landing page is your casino window, converting visitors into players. A good one, optimised for Google rankings, reduces advertising costs. Once your success grows and visitor numbers soar, you'll find businesses want to advertise on your site, offsetting more of your costs. Not sure how to create or revamp your website? Thrive Architect and Click Funnels are good places to start.

Research the player habits of target audiences when building a landing page. When visitors relate to your content, you'll build a relationship with them and they'll go on to become your brand ambassadors, promoting your site by word of mouth or via social media. Tempt them with:

  • Attractive new player bonuses

  • Free plays

  • Online casino tournaments

  • Regular promotions such as 'double your deposit'

SEO for gambling digital marketing

You've created a landing page that sums up your business. Now, tweak it for maximum search engine optimisation (SEO). You need to be up there at the top when people Google 'gambling'. Think about:

  • Meta-tags: Sum up your website with a few carefully crafted words.

  • SEO keywords: Research relevant keywords. Then use them creatively (and sparingly) to put your gambling site on page one of Google.

  • BERT: Bert is a major update from Google that delivers a greater understanding of what searchers mean. It lets Google more productively match content to intent.

Drive traffic to your gambling content

While great content is vital, paid advertising is the fastest way to drive traffic to gambling sites. Google Ads and Facebook Ads have proven track records of success in this. Other ways of increasing traffic are:

  • Share interesting content with similar websites in return for backlinks to yours.

  • Submit content to online directories.

  • Make full use of social media by ensuring your site is fully formatted for mobile devices.

  • Use press releases to flag up a new game, promotion or tournament.

  • Start a blog and publish consistently, ensuring it uses keywords and links to send your target audience to your site. Remember, Google always loves fresh new content.

Refine your gambling marketing techniques

Is your page fast enough?

How long does your content take to load as viewers move from page to page? Google penalises slow sites! If speed is slowing you down try checking your response server time - you may need upgrades from your hosting provider. Next, make sure your images are optimised for your website. You may need to compress them with a plugin tool such as Smush. It's worth investing time and money to get this right.

Is your brand visible?

Branding is more than having a catchy name and logo. It's also about visibility. Gambling brands need a strong presence across as many media platforms as possible - Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, SoundCloud and so on. Aim for unique content on each.

What about UX (user experience)?

Success! Your gambling marketing strategy is winning. Ensure your players stay or come again by giving them the best User Experience (UX) possible by asking yourself:

  • Is my website attractive?

  • Is it easy to navigate?

  • Are the menus and functions as intuitive as possible?

  • Does the user path make it easy for potential customers to place their first bet?

Be aware of gambling marketing regulations

Gambling is tightly regulated with rules varying from country to country. It's your responsibility to ensure these are followed (it can cost you dearly if you don't!). The most common rules are:

  • Having to be over 18 to gamble.

  • That gambling sites must not feature any images (actively gambling or otherwise) of people who are or appear to be under 25.

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