greatcontent and TBT - The new Market Leader in the Content Sector

Blog greatcontent and TBT - The new Market Leader in the Content Sector
28th August, 2019

Greetings to our clients and followers on the content creation scene! greatcontent has some exciting news that we'd love to share with the people who matter.

If you don't already know, we recently closed a deal to merge with the travel specialist TBT (TripsByTips), and everything has been going smoothly. With the merger almost complete, we're ready to put our combined skills together, and take the next steps in our content creation story.

With our combined skills and resources, we aim to offer a wholly new way to source high-quality content. With TBT on board, this will surely include industry-leading travel advice, but we're aiming even higher than that.

Our pooled expertise will enable us to build an ecosystem where our core services can be improved across the board. While we've always provided an excellent way to outsource content creation, our combined teams make us better than ever.

Why Merge? greatcontent's Rationale for Expanding

If you'd come to us two years ago and asked whether we wanted to pool our resources with a leading travel content agency, we would have probably said no. Back then, simply establishing our brand and creating the infrastructure required to thrive was enough of a challenge. But, things change.

Over the years, we have seen the SEO content writing sector develop, with travel playing a major role. As a result, the demand for high quality editorial content which blends fluent writing, engaging personality, and location-specific knowledge has never been higher.

And, though we've always handled travel clients (with it even becoming somewhat of a specialty of ours), TBT's industry expertise will contribute tremendously and enable us to expand into additional services.

Joining forces with TripsByTips was the ideal solution. As greatcontent's existing CEO Daniel Förstermann puts it, the merger allows us to offer "more specialized authors, additional geodata services and one united technology platform." In other words, a significantly better service for every type of client.

TBT and greatcontent: Taking a Gamble on Cooperative Content Production

Though the benefits of coming together have been clear, the actual process has been, in parts, challenging.

TripsByTips CEO Gereon Frisch has been involved at every stage, and noticed the "uncertainty" surrounding his team as the merger progressed. Because of that, he has been pro-active in speaking one-to-one with every staff member, and has stressed the opportunities resulting from the process, rather than the risks. And we've done the same, to reap the benefits of future cooperation.

Creating a Company that can Dominate the Content Writing Sector

The idea behind greatcontent's merger with TBT has been forward-thinking. The aim has always been to broaden the spectrum of services we provide, and to attract a diverse array of clients, from sports betting companies to gourmet food retailers or global fashion brands, and everything in between.

We want to become a key reference point in the content marketing world, offering services at every stage of the content marketing value chain. From planning content strategies and managing SEO, to creating incredible editorial content,  we aim to be the most efficient, responsive, and respected content creator around.

Everyone here feels that merging has set greatcontent and TBT on a path to these goals. As Gereon Frisch suggests, "The bundling of our resources in the areas of production and technology will help us to streamline our processes and grow faster."

Daniel Förstermann is just as optimistic. As he puts it, the whole team "looks forward to strengthening their travel focus in addition to the already existing industries and see this as a consistent step towards differentiating our service portfolio and further growth in Europe."

There will be further challenges, certainly. But, we know that we are in a good position to lead the way in global copywriting. With more expertise and talent at our disposal, along with technology like geodata services, our company is much more powerful than we were as two separate organisations.

Because of this, we're very positive about our future, as well as the future of online copywriting. If you want to know more about the services we offer, don't hesitate to make contact, or come to see us in person at our upcoming events. In any case, if you need first-class copywriting and SEO support, greatcontent will always be on side to help.

Text: Sam Urquhart


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