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To be able to produce high-quality content at scale, greatcontent relies on an interplay of well-devised and tightly managed systems and processes, not to mention a team of content production professionals, IT experts, and hand-picked freelance writers, editors, and translators. These processes are continually being optimised, but they already serve as the core of our efficiency and success.
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Tell us what you need

We discuss the specifications of your content: languages, lengths, volumes of orders, text topics & types, keywords & density, layout requirements, etc. You receive our data import file and briefing template in order to prepare your orders.

We prepare your project

A dedicated project manager prepares the final briefing(s) with you and your input data so it’s ready to upload to our platform. We import the texts and ensure we choose the best writers for your orders. If needed, we train our authors to meet the task.

We review your texts

Our proofreaders check your texts according to your briefing, and if needed, they will have the writers make revisions. The texts are run through two plagiarism checks before submission and are cross-checked by our internal linguistic experts.

You receive your texts

When we are sure all the texts match your requirements, we export the texts in your preferred format, finalise them, and send them to you as the final step. We will then be open to your feedback that can help us optimise the service for your future projects.

How does the agency option work?

Let’s start with the pre-production phase.

A client’s first contact will likely be with a client manager from the Customer Success Team. This is the agent with whom they will finalise the details of the content production project: the volume, the price, the deadline, the brief specifications, the languages in which the texts will be written, the quality levels of the copywriters needed and the level of service required (self-service or full-service). The client manager will collect the data and information needed to prepare your project and set it up for successful production.

An open channel of communication with the Customer Success Team member will ensure that the specifications of the project are clear before production begins, and clients can enjoy having just one contact person to support them throughout the entire process for clarity and convenience.

Then, production time!

When the specifications of the content orders are clear, the Customer Success agent will reach out to certain members of the Production Management Team – specifically, those managing the relevant language platforms. Each member of this team is a native-speaker and linguistic expert regarding the language of their platform. They are responsible for ensuring the immaculate quality of the editorial content but also for curating specialist writer groups and hand-picking appropriate editors and translators for the project. They oversee the production of the content in their language and manage/train/encourage the writers, proofreaders, and translators to ensure the deadlines and desired quality levels are met.

Once the content has been produced and checked, it will be exported from our platforms and returned to the client.

What about the content marketplace (crowdsourcing) service?

Some clients may not need to outsource all their content-related tasks such as the production management, proofreading, importing and exporting of texts, brief creation and optimisation, etc. For these kinds of customers, greatcontent is still the best partner; clients are free to organise a self-service project, where they will use the greatcontent online platforms and work with the +10,000-strong copywriter pool but can oversee all of the production tasks themselves. Our clients are free to take control, and they need only invest in what they actually need.

Regardless of whether clients select a full-service or self-service deal, they can be sure that their content production will be backed up by responsive support agents.

Who is working for greatcontent, and what are their responsibilities?

In terms of production, the greatcontent office comprises of two main teams that work collaboratively to ensure the efficient and top-quality production of SEO content from the initial pre-production stage to the final exporting of the finished texts: these are the Customer Success Team and the Quality Assurance Team.

Depending on whether a client chooses the self-service (marketplace) or full-service (agency) production option, the greatcontent staff can either oversee and execute the full production process or simply allow the client to take the reins and manage the production themselves with the use of our platform and pool of +10,000 categorised native-speaking copywriters. We can help you select the best service option for you.

Why authors work with greatcontent

greatcontent gives me the opportunity to earn a regular income while being able to have flexible working hours - and all that without time-consuming client acquisition. Thanks to this, I've been able to win permanent clients from whom I receive recurring Direct Orders with higher pay. The varied topics allow me to use all my skills and to grow as a writer - which also leads to more orders. Furthermore, the contact with the staff is very friendly and reliable.

AuthorGerman, greatcontent writer since 2015

Thanks to the cooperation with renowned companies and the opportunities to work on very interesting projects, greatcontent allows me to grow as a copywriter. Every order, regardless of its length or topic, constitutes a stimulating experience. Aside from that, I really like how the platform looks – its minimal and uncluttered design certainly helps me to focus on writing.

AnnaPolish, greatcontent author since 2014

It was with greatcontent that I, for the first time, had the opportunity to write for money a few years back. Today, writing is my main career, and for that I am grateful. What’s the best thing about greatcontent? The regular feedback that I receive from the customers that helps me to grow as a writer – that and also the fact that I can control when I receive my remuneration.

FredrikSwedish, greatcontent writer since 2014

Ever since I started writing for greatcontent, I have loved the organization and the clients that I get to work with. As a freelance writer, I find that each content order from greatcontent has more than enough instructions to get me started along the right path, and the projects themselves are varied and interesting. What’s not to love?

JohnUS English, greatcontent writer since 2017

Greatcontent's competitive edge comes from the empathy and energy of its support team Quality and consistency of work? Check. A robust platform with all the bells and whistles? Check. Payments on time? Check. Writers, know that you have someone in your corner on every issue.

SarahEnglish, greatcontent writer since 2013

greatcontent’s role in the field of content production

Since being founded in 2011, greatcontent has grown from being a small but slick content marketplace – which, namely, connected clients with appropriate copywriters – into a leading SEO marketing content production agency. We have catered to over 1,000 clients, are producing 20,000 copywriting and translation orders every month, and can offer our partners an efficient and continuously optimised full-service content production service as well as self-service options. Whatever your content production needs, we will have you covered. Find out what we can do for you today.

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