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Even the best, most professional writers should cooperate with a proofreader or editor when trying to produce the best, most immaculate version of their text that is possible. Proofreading and editing services are invaluable to all publishing and editorial content production processes. This is why we at greatcontent stringently select highly competent, experienced editing professionals with whom we work very closely to ensure only top-quality texts are produced through our agency’s (managed) production services.
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Yes, professional writers will, in most cases, be able to write clearly, accurately and in a linguistically conscious way. However, ultimately, their job is to express an idea on the page (or, today, the screen) – whether it’s a creative writer trying to mould fantastical concepts into a novel or a copywriter trying to accurately represent a client’s vision in a concise, keyword-rich product description. The responsibility of making sure this text is tweaked to perfection (in terms of grammar, spelling, clarity, logic, consistency, and so much more) lies with the proofreader and copy-editor.
Writing and editing are two very different tasks, and each comes with a distinct set of skills and responsibilities, so dividing them into to separate jobs makes perfect sense (and asking one person to do both will likely not produce the best result). The responsibilities of proofreaders and copy-editors also differ; both are working to ensure a text is accurate, but they are not one and the same, as many may still believe. Knowing the difference is important to anyone working in an editorial or content production field – but you can rest assured that greatcontent can offer you both.

What’s the difference between proofreading and copy-editing?


Generally, proofreading is considered to be the very final stage of ensuring that the linguistic elements of a text are completely accurate. This means that proofreading services should not be used until after everything else about the text (the content, logic, clarity, wording, formatting, etc.) has been finalised. Proofreading could also be seen as a form of error-checking: it should only entail the proofing of a finished text for grammatical, spelling and linguistic consistency issues that have been overlooked during the production of the text. It should be the last step of the editorial process, meaning it should come only after the stage of…


You could say the copy-editing goes a little deeper than proofreading. It deals with amending the more fundamental elements of a text, which can include things such as word-choices, clarity and expression, style and tone, logic, layout and – maybe most important – how well the content matches the given brief or editorial/content specifications. This final point is, of course, very important in the field of copywriting and content production, as copywriters are creating orders for clients who have a specific vision of what they need to have written. Needless to say, copy-editing is a huge part of the managed editorial services greatcontent provides.

How greatcontent’s proofreading and editing services work (and how they can benefit clients)

If you choose greatcontent’s managed content production services, the proofreading and editing of your texts should be a part of the package. We will manage the entire content production process to ensure that the texts are first created by our native-speaking copywriters before they are submitted for checking by a member of our editing team. We hand-pick specific proofreaders and editors for each and every project based on their areas of expertise and experience. If you order a text that requires lots of specific inter/hyperlinks to be included, we can find a link-savvy proofreader to make sure all is in order. If you are ordering a batch of destination descriptions, we will do our best to get a travel expert on that project.

Are our editors proofreading or copyediting? The latter would be more appropriate to describe the majority of the editing services we provide. Our editors’ main job is to make sure that the texts we deliver perfectly match to the clients’ briefings; we only want to deliver the texts that our clients actually want and expect. They, of course, are also doing final scans of the texts to make sure there are no spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or linguistic inconsistencies, too. So, as is common these days, our editors are doing both proofreading and copy-editing.

How our proofreaders and copy-editors are selected – and how we work together

Every member of our editing team is a professional with years of demonstrable experience in the fields of linguistics, publishing, academia, and/or editing and proofreading. They are selected through a careful recruitment process which takes their previous experience – as well as the results of a comprehensive application process and editing test – into account.

During the editors’ greatcontent careers, their work on every project is carefully cross-checked by our internal Quality Assurance team to make sure they are consistently delivering immaculate texts that fit the client briefings. The Quality Assurance team works closely with all its proofreaders to make sure that they are happy and 100% confident in their editing work and that they are working cohesively and productively with our freelance writers. The internal QA team and freelance editors collaborate to asses the writers’ performance and ensure project success.

So, when you opt for our full, managed content production service, you can rest assured that your texts will have been subjected to our professional proofreading and editing service as well as our internal cross-checks.

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Our managed agency services can take your texts from the initial pre-production stages to the final phase of careful editing and exporting. High quality is ensured through the routine implementation of our proofreading, editing and quality assurance processes. Speak to a member of our Project Management team today to get a quote for the production of your content that includes the full proofreading and editing service.