6 Reasons Your Company Needs Its Own Ebook

Blog 6 Reasons Your Company Needs Its Own Ebook
16th September, 2020

The ebook has evolved to become an essential element of any company's marketing strategy. A thought-provoking, visually-appealing, reader-friendly ebook about a subject in which your company is an expert, in one flourish can boost your business's profile and generate leads and sales on a global scale. Now, you can sell without selling, giving the reader an idea of who you are, your area of expertise, and what you can do for your customers.

Raising your profile

Quality content

An ebook is an investment. The best ones are not just long dossiers explaining who you are as a company; they are expert essays and How-To Guides. They provide value. Yours will be full of evidence-based research and insightful tips which your readers will appreciate. One study suggests that high quality content can increase traffic to your blog or website by as much as 2000%, and it's proven that the more expertise and authority in the content, the more certain search engines will boost it. Potential clients will then associate you with providing services of high quality. They will sense the investment you made in making this thorough document, and will invest in you in return.


Don't wait for someone else to name you as an expert in your field ? show them. Studies prove that, in the US, customers are willing to pay 17% more when companies have a good public reputation. When you have an ebook, you create your own reputation. Give yourself the edge over your competitors; with all the options out there, potential new customers are going to go to the business who literally wrote the book on the subject.

The gift that gives back

Offer your ebook as a free gift and reap the rewards. Install a mandatory registration page with the download link, and suddenly you have a new set of contact details to include in future marketing campaigns. Plus, with a free gift on offer, customers are more likely to purchase your products and services. Entrepreneur Martin Wales wrote an ebook which was just a transcript of one of his existing training sessions, with added links to further training and tips; in no time at all, the ebook was downloaded over 46,000 times, with many of the readers requesting further services. Through one ebook, he had his target audience coming to him.

Maximum distribution

Do it your way

When you're sharing content over social media, you have to adapt to the character count and picture quota that the different platforms allow. But this is your book. We know that customers don't just want products anymore - they want the story behind the company. Tell us, in your own way, who you are. Give us, in your own style, with as much space as you need and as many images as you wish, your best content.

Repurpose, reduce, reuse, recycle

Speaking of content? It takes time and money to create engaging content to fill your social media platforms. Imagine if, instead of needing to create that content from scratch, you had a bank of content set up and ready to go. Take the gems from your ebook and use them for future posts in your marketing campaigns. This will in turn direct more traffic to your ebook and to your services.

A global reach

Think of all the smartphones, e-readers, iPads and tablets in the world. With your ebook, you?ve produced valuable content that can be accessed on any device. Your potential clients will download your product onto their device, and will think of you and your services every time they see it. There are so many ways to distribute your ebook:

  • Publish it on your blog or website

  • Post it on social media

  • Email it to your clients and others in your network

  • Offer it as a free add-on in your shopping basket

  • Advertise it on relevant sites

Use ebooks to raise your profile with maximum efficiency

When building your brand, it is essential to showcase your expertise. An ebook is the perfect way to do that. Use your own words on your own platform to demonstrate your value and impress with your extensive knowledge. You will build trust and credibility, generate leads, and encourage investment. Plus, in offering valuable information for free, you tell potential clients that you want to help others succeed, and therefore you are the company who will help them. If the idea of an ebook excites you but you are not sure where to get started, get in touch with the team at greatcontent who can help turn your ebook into a reality, keeping SEO content and your marketing strategy in mind.

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