How to Create Content Calendar: The Easy Way to Produce and Publish Your Content

Blog How to Create Content Calendar: The Easy Way to Produce and Publish Your Content
16th September, 2021

What is a Content Calendar?

A content calendar is a schedule of the workflow content producers need to handle. It's a tool for planning, prioritizing, and tracking the content. A content calendar helps you stay on top of your strategic game.

Why Do Companies Need Content Calendar?

If blogging is just a hobby, you can survive without a content calendar. But if it is more than a hobby, then remaining structured is crucial. Content creation is the process that should be aligned with marketing strategy. That’s why you have to plan carefully ahead of time. You also can ignore the role of a content calendar, but it would result in overwhelming actions like late or last-minute writing. 

There are situations when you are loaded with tasks but do not know where to start. A content calendar will bring in the perspective in a way you see your content. You can perceive the global picture by examining content details: post ideas, types, updates from the birds-view. 
But if you are locked in your head, your content life could face an editorial crisis.

Define Your Content Pipeline

You will be able to identify which posts are most effective and spend your time doing what is most important.
Healthy pipelines boost your content for growth. Integrate the brand's spirit with your audience's concerns to build something valuable. Content Pipeline will outline all the necessary information needed to fire up the content.

Follow Constant Flow

Who wants their content to turn into only a one-hit sensation? You could avoid this by using a content calendar.
The content calendar gives stability and room for improvement. You know the precise direction and can keep matters under control. 

Better Planning

Thorough planning is the chief head to content success. A well-organized content calendar will help you avoid last-minute chaotic planning and writing. Also, it will keep your content in harmony with your overall strategy.
Better planning gives you self-confidence. Nothing beats this feeling while writing! You know why and what you are composing.
Creating a content calendar paves your way to write materials that are:

  • In accord with the target audience
  • Well researched 
  • Placed in an appropriate place where customers move

Be Innovative

Do not press your imagination. Even if you believe that something does not make sense, still record and recall that. Then idea can suddenly dawn on you.

How to Create a Content Calendar?

Define your Content Marketing Strategy

Content strategy unites objectives and goals into an ultimate document.

  • Set the Goals

Goals are an essential part of your pursuit. Without it, you could not evaluate your efforts.
Follow the SMART model to come up with a well-thought goal:
S = Specific (specific, that is, your goal should not be "more success," but for example, "more revenue")
M = Measurable (measurable: Choose clear and quantifiable key performance indicators)
A = Accepted (objectives must have a recognizable meaning to be accepted by all parties)
R = Realistic (realistic, workable; the goal must be achievable)
T = Timebound; ( Specify a time when you reach the goal)

  • Meet your costumers better

Which media channels do they favor?  
What are their interests? 
How can your company benefit them? 
Which content types do they like?

  • Analyze Competitors

What are their strengths?
What are their weaknesses?
Outline Unique Selling Point
What distinguishes your product from competitors?

  • Define tactics,

You create the content to influence specific marketing goals. So, content falls into the category of tactics. Explain content types, helping you to achieve your marketing goals.

  • Pick KPIs to track your success

KPIs imply a set of metrics that help companies evaluate progress to strategic objectives. KPIs are more than just numbers. It enables you to feel the pulse of the team's performances.

Include Relevant Information

  • Explain the process team should follow
  • Posting Frequency
  • Define Content types
  • Choose Topics
  • Publish Dates
  • Indicate Distribution Channels

Choose the Tool

  • Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)
  • Monda
  • Editorial Calendar (WordPress Plugin)

Be Consistent

Stay dedicated to your strategy and daily planning.

How Do I Gather Information for Content Calendar?

Here we go! There are some questions you should dwell on:

How Frequently Will I Publish?

It depends on the channel and content type. If we talk about blogging updates, 2-4 per week is a good number. For social media, things turn a little bit tight. Once per day is an optimal number, depending on the company type. 

How Many Different Types of Content Do I Plan on Using?

It's impossible to give you a concrete number, but relevance is the priority at this stage. Observe what's working and what's not. For example, If you consider that the number of content types is not enough, add more. 

What Distribution Channels Do I Want to Use?

The answer should come from the audience personas. What is their preferred source of information? 

What Stages Will My Content Need to Go Through?

How hard is it for content to breakthrough? Describe the steps the material goes through before seeing the light. Everyone, including new team members, will know what it takes to complete the process. 
Typically It is Research, Drafting, Proofreading, Revision, Finalizing.
Set the standards that everyone should follow before moving it to a new level. State the readability score, platform usage, platform rankings, etc.

Why Use Content Calendar Tools?

  • Saves time
  • Keeps you organized
  • Make content creation more efficient
  • It helps you create consistent, predictable posts for your readers
  • Improves the quality of your content through consistency and a structured approach
  • Ensures that all parties involved are on the same page
  • Eliminate guesswork and unnecessary revisions

Content Calendar Templates

  • Asana
  • Trello
  • Hubspot
  • Airtable
  • CoSchedule

Create a Content Calendar Today!

Schedule First Two Weeks

Scheduling the first two weeks of your work schedule will be the most difficult. You will likely feel overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed.

Develop Topics

Brainstorm ideas, do the research, check out competitors, See what is trending?

Do you want to take your content to another level?

Our experts will be happy to advise you.

Start now

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