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Reality Check: When Do You Need to Outsource Content Creation?

By 18. December 2019 July 24th, 2020 No Comments
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On 3rd December, greatcontent took a deep dive into the hidden mysteries of modern marketing, playing a key role in Marketing Underground 2019. Held in Berlin, MU is a mix of standard trade show, conceptual seminar, and tech expo – and it’s an event that really set the tone for content marketing in 2020.

Our Chief Operating Officer Izabela Wiśniewska​ was one of the keynote speakers, tackling the critical issue of when to outsource content creation. It’s an area that most of our clients have to think about, so we thought we’d report the substance of Izabela’s presentation, to ensure that every follower can benefit from her expertise.

Putting Content Outsourcing Into Context

The first point in the speech was to put the decision to outsource in the context of the content creation cycle. As Izabela explained, most content projects run from planning, through creation, implementation, and analysis. And the creation stage is the point where bringing in outside assistance can really pay dividends.

Not all projects are suited to outsourcing. For instance, content creation based around the introduction of new products could be too sensitive to offload to external providers, at least until the products have been established. But large quantities of product descriptions for eCommerce platforms may well be ideal. It’s all about judging when the project involves core business interests or not.

Why Choose to Outsource Your Content?

Izabela then moved on to discuss why outsourcing might be a good idea. There are a few reasons for this. For starters, it saves valuable time. It can also be a sensible way to source content in multiple foreign languages, as well as a cost-effective content marketing option – especially for high volumes of copy.

Moreover, for some companies, there just isn’t the in-house competence to manage and produce complex content projects. Bringing in external partners can be the perfect solution.

On the other hand, there could be negatives. Outsourcing could lead to privacy issues, loss of control over the material being produced, or even cause workplace issues within the business. These factors need to be taken into account before the decision to outsource is agreed.

Understanding How Content Outsourcing Works

The content outsourcing process was the next stage in the presentation. Typically, agencies start by commissioning writers with the required skills, who produce the texts required, which are then submitted for editing.

Quality control procedures also apply, at this stage, guaranteeing a uniform quality level. And there is always a chance for clients or project managers to provide feedback about every piece of content.

That’s a standard outsourcing procedure, but is it the optimal solution? According to Izabela, possibly not. While outsourcing has obvious advantages, the negatives need to be taken into account. Outsourcing isn’t a blanket solution, and “hybrid” alternatives can often be preferable.

In this scenario, clients would exert close control over their brand identity, while capitalising on the lower cost, high quality, and speed delivered by reliable content providers.

That setup would demand a higher level of cooperation than normal between clients and project managers, which few content agencies can supply. But, as Izabela explained, it’s a service that greatcontent is more than equipped to provide for a wide range of clients.

Get in Touch to Discuss Cost-Effective Content Marketing

If your company is struggling to balance the need to find customers, perfect your digital marketing, develop products, and manage HR, content outsourcing could well be a good idea.

As we’ve seen, it can lead to efficiency gains, make complex projects more manageable, and fill skills gaps such as foreign language proficiency. In some cases, it can be the decisive factor between remaining a nationally focused business, and expanding abroad.

However, we’ve also seen that outsourcing has to be done right. Take Izabela’s word, and investigate “hybrid” solutions which ensure that clients stay in control, and guarantee high-quality results. At greatcontent, we can manage and execute content creation projects of all varieties. Just get in touch, and we’ll find a stress-free and cost-effective way to outsource the work that’s required.

Text: Sam Urquhart

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