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Working with freelancers can be challenging. Sourcing the right writers, negotiating prices, and communicating what you want the finished product to be all serves to slow down your project and stretch your budget. The greatcontent platform offers the solution. As a client on our platform, you enjoy the benefits of a huge stable of professional writers, easy to use and easy to understand pricing and quality levels, as well as a straightforward system for communicating with your writers and requesting revisions.

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High-quality content is crucial to online businesses as it is the driving force behind traffic and sales. Thanks to our transparent quality and pricing levels, you can decide in advance what type of content you require and budget accordingly. The chart below will help you to decide on the quality level most suitable for your project and budget.

Text requirements Very basic and short text Creating basic style and structure using given information Writing style is professional with basic research. More complex topics written in professional style. High quality writing style matched with detailed research Top quality writing style matched with independent topic research
Research Based on information in brief only Basic research using given links Independent research online More detailed research guaranteeing accuracy. Expansive research with accuracy guaranteed. Offline research with expert interviewing.

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As long as people have been selling things, sales pitches have been essential. Since the advent of the popular press and mass literacy in the eighteenth century, this has been equally true of copywriters. Copywriting developed into a trade which sought to provide information about and - more than anything else - promote the products that clients needed to sell.

In some ways, not that much has changed. Legions of writers around the world still make a living writing inspirational, engaging copy that helps businesses to succeed. However, in some ways, everything has changed.

The Internet has created a huge demand for online copywriters. Marketing is now about attracting as many of the right kind of customers to your website as possible and maintaining brand integrity and reputation in the process.

For a while, there was a 'race to the bottom' as web businesses stuffed their content full of keywords in order to fool search engines. But the search engines got savvy, and this kind of tactic rarely works these days. Now, marketers need writing with class - well written, informative but keyword rich texts that both customers and search engines will love.

When the demand for online copywriting exploded, specialist sites sprung up to allow writers to connect with marketers. Many of these were basic sites which exercised very little quality control and offered few possibilities for clients to interact with writers. Some of them got a bad reputation as 'content mills.'

Greatcontent isn't like that, but we are part of the evolution of writing copy into an online trade. At greatcontent, we provide a synthesis between the high quality copy agencies of the past and the online platforms of the present. We allow writers to find interesting, regular, well-paid work and we help clients to find reliable, skillful and courteous writers.

We think that our approach represents the future of copywriting. If you want to be part of that vision, sign up with our copywriting services to set up an account, and start your next chapter by working with us.

Written by John Ralston