5 Ways High-Quality Content Can Turbocharge Your Conversion Rates

Blog 5 Ways High-Quality Content Can Turbocharge Your Conversion Rates
6th February, 2019

The saying "content is king" - although it's become a little cliché - has held true since it was first announced by Bill Gates back in the '90s. At greatcontent, we definitely subscribe to this philosophy, but we also understand there's another element of content marketing that shouldn't be overshadowed by it: conversions.


Even if content is king, it can't 'rule' if it's not converting leads into sales. So how can your content drive increased revenues and customer engagement? Read on.

What is the relationship between conversion rates and content?

In the world of online marketing, conversion is a vitally important concept. In fact, if marketing had a church, converting leads would be like the turning water into wine phenomenon. 


In theory, it's simple, but in practice, it isn't. To make a conversion, marketers need to identify and attract leads, engage their attention, provide them with ways to convert, and then use their marketing skills to encourage them to make a purchase.


Nothing here is automatic. To achieve a high rate of conversion, marketers need to ensure that websites are well-designed, providing a smooth customer experience that leads swiftly up to the point of purchase. 


To achieve stellar conversion rates, companies need to supply seductive, relevant, informative content. There are a number of reasons why this matters so much, so let's dive in and find out more.

How can conversion rates be improved by content?


1. Make your CTA the star of the show

Firstly, it's vital to direct visitors toward the actions you'd like them to take. This could involve taking a tour of your site's features (like DropBox offers to new signups), sharing photos, ordering catalogues, or signing up to email lists and campaigns.


In each case, the action will be slightly different, but the key aim is always the same: to make it easy for the user to take the desired action. Buttons or links must be clearly visible, and customers need to know what they will gain by clicking them.


This is where landing pages benefit hugely from well-written copy. Good copywriting informs readers about their next possible action and entices them with the possibilities available. So, good content really matters here.


2. Craft product descriptions, don't just write them

Product descriptions are a big deal for most online retailers. They are often the pages customers land on when they link from search engines or retail directories when looking for a specific product or model online. And they are the link between E-commerce sites and payment portals - where the conversion magic happens.


So, product descriptions need to be tightly written, informative, and well presented. A nice mixture of visuals and text helps, but sourcing great product description copywriting is the most important thing here.


3. Great content results in great engagement

We can go beyond product descriptions and CTAs, though. In fact, engagement is where the real conversion goldmine lies.


Engagement refers to the close connections between users or customers and businesses. And it's what drives repeated purchases, viral growth via social media, and improved brand reputation - so it's not a minor thing.


Content is one of the keys to fostering engagement. Whether it's via witty social media posts, unmissable blogs, or email newsletters, the way you write and express your brand voice has a huge impact on how customers feel about you - and whether they will come back for more.


4. Improve your SEO performance

You can't maximise conversions without a strong SEO game. That's something small businesses often learn the hard way.


Marketers now understand that content and SEO rankings are entwined. The quality of the blogs or product descriptions you use feeds into search engine algorithms, giving you a head-start on the competition.


As search engines become more sophisticated, content marketing strategies will require better, more relevant material to help companies maintain that all-important rank - leaving businesses that neglect their SEO behind.


5. Dare to be different - and create a strong online brand

Finally, content and conversions are signs of a strong corporate brand which is confident, willing to take risks, and has a sense of what its customers feel and like.


The safe option is to run ads, offer basic product descriptions, and maybe provide an app for customers to use. But the best content goes further, fusing entertainment, education, social media, and sales.


Take LEGO, for example: the LEGO Movie was a smash hit in 2014, but it was really just an imaginative content marketing exercise. Maybe you can't emulate LEGO's idea, but it's a pointer to how creative content can be - and how it makes people think differently about your business.

Refine your content strategy to maximise conversion rates

If you're struggling to turn piles of leads into actual conversions, content could be the missing piece in the jigsaw.


As we've seen, solid content strategies and a bit of imagination can drive engagement, improve brand identity, and make it easy for customers to convert if they desire.


It makes sense to focus on creating content that customers love. And when you do so, it's vital to work with a content production agency you can trust.


greatcontent can help you make your flat conversion graph curve upwards. With their high-quality writing and content crafting skills, our copywriters can support you in securing those crucial conversions. Just get in touch, and we'll be happy to help.


Text: Sam Urquhart


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