Why Content Is the Key to Succeeding in the Online Sports Betting Industry

Blog Why Content Is the Key to Succeeding in the Online Sports Betting Industry
19th June, 2019

Sometimes, it feels like the web was made for sports betting. Smartphone apps and websites provide attractive platforms for customers to place their bets. At the same time, the web itself allows players to access vast amounts of information about football teams, tennis players, horses, and whatever sports they feel like wagering on.

However, things look a little different from a business perspective. The online gambling industry is hugely competitive, with sites struggling to stand out from the crowd. It's also controversial, and limits on how betting companies advertise have been imposed as a result, making life even tougher for marketing teams in this field.

So how should a dynamic online sports betting operation make its mark?

How gambling companies have embraced affiliate marketing to promote their sites

One way gambling companies can market their brands effectively is by running affiliate marketing content on relevant sites. In fact, for many companies, this is the only viable option given the restrictions on conventional advertising.

On a basic level, affiliate marketing content works like this: by placing content on blogs, news sites, or sports magazines, marketers can boost the reputation and visibility of their gambling company while piggy-backing on the traffic of popular blogs or media outlets.

Although a good marketing option, it can also be a huge drain on resources when executed poorly. So what does it take for gambling companies to succeed in affiliate marketing? Here are some tips that we know can make a big difference.

1. Find sites that cater to your target audience

Before you can think about writing affiliated marketing content, you need to have a good idea of where to place it. This isn't as simple as paying high-traffic blogs to host your articles or opting for the cheapest outlets.

Instead, targeting outlets that reach your core demographic is much more efficient. Find blogs that your users read or whose traffic leans towards your target groups (generally men aged 25?45 for sports betting). But be creative. Sports-related sites are not the only options. Tech or smartphone sites, pop culture sites, and even local newspapers can be lucrative targets as well.

2. Don't use a hard-sell approach

When it comes to writing affiliate content for betting companies, the key challenge is to write naturally and honestly, without conveying the actual intent of the article. While the blog post or article will seek to encourage users to visit your betting site, it can't come across as an ad.

This means writing well-researched pieces on topics that are related to sports betting, and offering content that readers want to engage with. It's a challenge, but one that pays off when traffic stats start to boom.

3. Always take a second look at your article's flow

The core of an affiliate article is the part where your sports betting site is integrated into the text. This is where the links should be placed, and it's the focus of the narrative. But that doesn't mean that the article is "about" your website. Instead, when you mention your company, it has to feel natural and part of the flow of the piece.

This won't always be easy on first try. You may need to chop up your text and move links around. So plan for 2?3 redrafts and read through your articles from a customer's perspective. If it sounds forced, it needs another look.

4. Be creative, and tap into trends if you can

Don't be afraid to take chances when sourcing or writing affiliate content. Remember, the aim of any article is for it to be read, so tailor your work to that end. Include an attention-grabbing title, and work in references to pop culture trends that matter to your audience. You can also use humour where it fits into the structure of the article.

Above all, good affiliate marketing content has a "human" side to it and can't come across as the work of a content writing bot. It's not written in ad-speak or to a formula. It emerges from a creative process, mixing honesty, wit, and intelligence.

Work with professional content creators to master affiliate marketing

If you don't feel 100% confident about creating the kind of affiliate content we've been discussing here, don't worry. Online sports betting sites can easily source fluently written, relevant, and ? most importantly ? engaging content for any gambling site.

At greatcontent, we can connect you with a casino content writer who can help your site beat the odds. Just get in touch with our team, and we'll find a way to help your business stand out.

Text: Sam Urquhart

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