Content for Banking Marketing: Key Strategies That Work

Blog Content for Banking Marketing: Key Strategies That Work
25th November, 2020

Today's customers are savvy. They know how important their data and their custom are to your bank. In return for giving it, they want a personalised, easy, valuable and engaging experience. Use content marketing to introduce them to this experience, and use analytics gathered from the marketing campaigns to personalise the experience further down the line. Engaging content marketing is key for an effective campaign for banks, trusts, and financial institutions, and there are certain strategies that it will be helpful to have in mind. In this article, we discuss how to present yourself as trustworthy through your banking marketing; make sure you can be reached over any digital medium; use interactive content to drive business; find new loyal customers in the youth of today.


The youth market

Use your website, blog, and platforms to provide educational content about banking and finances in order to tap into the youth market. Many Millennials and Gen Z's complain that they received very little financial training in their education. However, surveys suggest they are unlikely to go to business advisors for help, preferring to research online and find solutions themselves. So, what they're looking for is content from a bank or financial expert which contains a comprehensive FAQ section, an interactive 24/7 chat function, and blog articles which deal with topics they?ve come into contact with. Queensborough National Bank & Trust Co., for instance, provides an entire program of educational content. Through helping potential and current clients in their banking marketing, they have earned trust and proved their expertise.

Trust and transparency

Since the banking crisis, customers want more transparency from their banks in order to trust them. This means personalised informative customer service; customers will no longer tolerate impersonal interactions from a faceless corporation. Customers will also not trust a bank whose website is unnavigable, or who uses technical financial language which makes customers feel alienated or stupid ? they will read this as you deliberately trying to be esoteric, with nefarious intent. Instead, as part of your banking marketing, make your website friendly, engaging, and full of valuable content giving free advice in investments, loans, home ownership, budgeting, and everything financial. Potential customers will see you as a company with their interests at heart, and worth putting their money in.

Availability and approachability


Another way of building trust through your banking marketing campaigns is through enhancing your availability. Your potential clients want to be able to access information from you regardless of the device they're using or the time of day, and they want the content to be varied and engaging. This means that you need:

  • Webinars and Q&As

  • Video content

  • Case studies


Even beyond the above, it is useful to have content in your banking marketing strategy which is interactive, such as quizzes, assessments, and calculators for budgeting or loans. These will give the customer an enjoyable and valuable personalised experience and keep the customer on your site, clicking and scrolling through different elements of the interactive material. Research suggests that over 50% of website visitors leave a site within 15 seconds. With your interactive tools, you?ll have your audience hooked. Moreover, their engagement will allow you to gather valuable information: cookies and analytics will show you more information about your customers in their purchasing journeys, and you can use that information to make your future marketing campaigns more targeted and effective.

Strategy overview

The key to great banking content marketing is to become a hub of valuable and enjoyable content so that potential customers see you as trustworthy, personable, and full of expertise. Rather than explicitly selling your services, these content marketing tips will mean the public actively want to bank with you, and will stay with you because they made an informed choice based on how valuable you are. Get in touch to discuss what greatcontent can do for your content marketing strategy.

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