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16. January 2019

Storytelling: The Content Writing Secret that SEO Managers Often Overlook

Human beings live through stories. When politicians run for office, they tell stories about why people should vote for them. When people look back on life, […]
9. January 2019

5 Reasons to Outsource Content Marketing Strategy

At greatcontent, it’s no secret that we want businesses to trust our team with their content-writing projects. But that’s not all we can offer: much more […]
2. January 2019

Why Your Brand Should Consider Adopting an Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Have you investigated the benefits of adopting an omnichannel marketing experience? While the term might sound intimidating at first, we think that plenty of brands can […]
26. December 2018

The Languages You Need to Localise Your Website in to Maximise Sales

Once upon a time, prophets said that the internet would erase local differences. The World Wide Web would gather everybody in its tentacles, and force us […]
19. December 2018

How User-Generated Content Can Boost Your Brand Authority

User generated content (UGC) has been a trend for a few years now. In fact, it’s the basis for the fortunes of social media giants like Facebook […]
5. December 2018

How Measuring Brand Awareness Can Help Your Business Thrive

In a fiercely competitive business environment, brands are constantly waging a battle for visibility and awareness. The more people who know about a brand or company, […]
28. November 2018

Ranking the 5 Best SEO Blogs of 2018

Whatever business we’re in, we can all benefit from digesting the views of experts, and that’s definitely the case with online marketing and SEO. The digital […]
21. November 2018

5 Tips and Tricks to Optimise Your Email Marketing Strategy

Email remains right at the heart of digital marketing. With around 4 billion email users in the world, it has an incredible reach. And it also has […]
7. November 2018

Content publishing frequency – To post or not to post: that is the question

If Hamlet were alive today, his existential angst would apply well to content marketing — timing matters, and whether or when to post is important to […]