13. March 2019

Amazon Marketplace: the Ultimate Guide to Creating Optimised Content that Boosts Your Sales

Amazon’s online marketplace has swiftly become an indispensable place to market everything from herbal medications to independent fashion boutiques.  In theory, the site provides instant global […]
31. October 2018

Artificial Intelligence: Can Robots Replace Human Writers?

In June 2017, the Oxford University Future of Humanity Institute and a team from Yale University published a report which could be considered grim reading for […]
10. October 2018
content optimization

Content Optimisation: How to boost traffic by improving what you already have

Sometimes it feels like we’re obsessed with creating “new” content. We prize content that’s fresh and unique and focus on creating as much of it as […]
2. October 2018
voice search optimisation

How to optimise your content for voice search

Increasingly, it’s not what people type into search engines that matters – it’s what people say. Thanks to the rise of smartphones and rapid improvements in […]
14. September 2018
content creators hero

How to make your blog a lead generator

Blogs posts have certainly become one of the most effective tools in content marketing. Blogs first became popular in the 1990s, and now everyone from amateur […]
5. September 2018
destination descriptions

Find your angle to create converting destination descriptions

We are excited today to start hosting on our blog, some interesting and very useful insights from the content world, curated by some of the most […]
29. August 2018

Content data visualisation: five infographic tools you should know about

When it comes to types and forms of SEO content, the sky might be the limit. While continuously polishing your texts so that they’ll rank better […]
8. August 2018
Content Length

SEO Content length — does size matter?

When pondering the ideal length of SEO content, should you aim for short and sweet or take the ‘supersize’ approach? Frankly, length matters. When it comes […]
25. July 2018
slow food

Learn From Slow Food And Make Your Content Irresistible

Can we learn something about producing high-quality content from high-quality… food? The Slow Food movement has taught thousands of people to put more time and effort […]