How Coronavirus affects the communication of the travel industry

At the moment, it feels like the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak could potentially decimate the glob ...

11th March, 2020

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What is content spinning and how can it help my SEO strategy?

Imagine that the world of content creation is the Marvel Universe (which shouldn't be too hard to do ...

4th March, 2020

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Future trends in travel content

With ITB Berlin 2020 ahead we had the chance to speak to Kim Ciarlo, Content Editing Team Lead at Ge ...

26th February, 2020

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The A9 Myth: How the Amazon algorithm ranks products

277 billion dollars in gross merchandise sales in 2018,1 Amazon is by far the largest e-commerce gia ...

19th February, 2020

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What Does the Future of Travel Content Hold in Store?

It may sometimes seem frustrating when we're stuck in our offices, tied to our desks, but travel has ...

12th February, 2020

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How to Find the Right Writer

Not all of us can combine the roles of content marketer and content writer. In fact, trying to mix t ...

5th February, 2020

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Free SEO Add-Ons for Chrome that Marketers Need to Know About

A lot of the SEO work we do involves repetitive work with keywords and search queries, and that can ...

22nd January, 2020

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5 SEO-Myths That Have to Be Debunked for Your Content to Rank Better

Myths are the stories we tell ourselves to make life's complexity feel manageable. They give as a si ...

1st January, 2020

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The importannce of Data-driven content

Hopefully, if you're reading the greatcontent blog, you'll have internalised the key point that high ...

25th December, 2019

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Reality Check: When Do You Need to Outsource Content Creation?

On 3rd December, greatcontent took a deep dive into the hidden mysteries of modern marketing, playin ...

18th December, 2019

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