How to Choose the Right Content Type for your Needs

You would bring a knife to a gunfight, so why would you use the wrong type of content to achieve you ...

3rd June, 2020

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The May 2020 Google Core Update: What You Need to Know

Happy Google Core Update everyone! Yes, it's that time again, when Google slips out word that its al ...

27th May, 2020

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Stay Fresh, Stay Cool: Why Is It Important to Refresh Content on Category Pages for Fashion E-Commerce?

Identify your best performing categories While it is important to keep producing new and relevant c ...

20th May, 2020

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How to Write Good Copy with SEO in Mind

What makes one text rank highly, while similar texts fall by the wayside? Why do some writers seem t ...

13th May, 2020

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How B2B Content Marketing Can Have Benefits for All of Us

Marketing gets a bad press in some quarters. Some see it as too pushy, cajoling consumers to make pu ...

6th May, 2020

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Google My Business and How It Affects the Ranking

If you run an online business, the chance are that you worry constantly about search engine rankings ...

29th April, 2020

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Top Social Listening Tips for Content Marketers

Whatever field you work in, people are probably talking about your brand as you read this. Thanks to ...

22nd April, 2020

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What Readers Want During COVID-19: Content Ideas for Every Niche

With billions of people virtually locked in their homes, the COVID crisis has triggered massive chan ...

14th April, 2020

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Revealing the Science Behind the Art of Storytelling

Everybody knows that stories are an important part of the way our minds work. From the very start of ...

7th April, 2020

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When does it make sense to outsource content creation?

Content can either be created in-house or by third parties, whether they are individual freelancers ...

1st April, 2020

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