How Do Online Shops Build Hybrid Structures With the Content Pyramid?

There are many ways of visualising content marketing, from flowcharts to funnels. But at greatconten ...

14th December, 2020

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How to Combine (Free) AI and (Paid) Human Translation Forces

Translation technology in the form of Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools is improving every d ...

9th December, 2020

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Target Your Audience By Listening To Them

By 'listening' to your customers, you're better placed to engage them with relevant marketing conten ...

2nd December, 2020

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Content for Banking Marketing: Key Strategies That Work

Today's customers are savvy. They know how important their data and their custom are to your bank. I ...

25th November, 2020

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What You Need to Know When Tackling Your First Ebook

As a writer, you know that planning makes a world of difference. For an ebook, particularly a market ...

18th November, 2020

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How to Know When to Outsource SEO

SEO has replaced TV and print advertising as the most important marketing technique, and businesses ...

11th November, 2020

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Top Tips For Your Christmas Content Marketing Campaigns

The holiday season is fast approaching: the all important make-or-break time for shops, when custome ...

4th November, 2020

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Discover the Top Four Beauty eCommerce Trends Set To Dominate 2021

When the beauty industry first started to flourish in ecommerce, this was largely connected to socia ...

27th October, 2020

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Writing and Editing - Two Very Different Tasks

If you're a writer, chances are you're a great editor. You know how to effectively engage an audienc ...

21st October, 2020

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How Branded Content Can Save Your Black Friday Marketing Strategy

Black Friday falls on 27 November, 2020, but are you ready to take advantage of the year's premier r ...

14th October, 2020

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