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Blog Management

Online editorial content which is new and fresh is ranked more highly by the search engine robots, and websites featuring regular posts and updates tend to appear higher up on the SERPs. This is now common knowledge among digital marketers, and theoretically, it makes sense; however, in practice, the constant production of up-to-date, fresh, relevant content requires a lot of preparation, time and human resources. This is where Blog Management Services can offer invaluable help.
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HubSpot introduces the topic of blog publishing frequency by saying “Each time you publish an original blog post, you’re creating a new opportunity to get found by search engines […] and get a new person to interact with your company”. In short: each post = a new chance to gain leads. There is plenty of research backing up this claim by showing the connection between the regularity of blogging/posting and the number of leads companies (both B2B and B2C) acquire.

Referring again to, it claims that marketers who prioritise regular blogging are 13x more likely to achieve a positive ROI on their efforts. But how “regular” are we talking to see results? Quite astoundingly, Fronetics reported on a case study which saw a company increase its traffic to 23% and double its sales leads in just one month by increasing its blog publishing frequency from one to two posts per week; needless to say, this is a huge gain for such a small investment.

So, the point is pretty clear: both the search engine bots and readers like fresh, regular content and, therefore, frequent, consistent blogging (or the posting of news updates) can be powerful.

However, maintaining a regular publishing routine can be time-, effort- and staff-intensive. Taking the time to conceptualise the blog series (with all its individual titles) and overseeing the different parts of the process on a monthly or, ideally, a weekly basis is inevitably going to need a good deal of time-investment… and that’s even before we start thinking about localising or globalising the content by having it produced in several languages. This is why outsourcing blog management tasks can be of great value.

Imagine if you could just say the word and have all of this taken care of: the conception of your blog or news pages, the production in a selection of key languages, and the management of your publishing frequency all under control – all you have to do is pay a bundle price at the end. Well, this is now possible, and we can make it happen for you.

greatcontent is now offering all-inclusive, blog management services that aim to empower digital marketers to create content at scale and maintain a steady, lead-boosting publishing frequency with minimal time or HR investment. From the initial phases of the conception to the final stages of publishing, one of our dedicated Project Managers oversees the entire process to ensure that your company is posting relevant, high-quality blog or news page content in a regular rhythm, making sure that the search engine bots will not overlook you.

We can offer this service in 11 production languages and with additional useful add-ons, such as the implementation of the content directly into your CMS (manually or via API), the creation of SEO meta titles and meta description, and the writing of headlines for the posts as well as your company’s newsletters and social media updates.

Companies using the new Blog Management Service can enjoy many invaluable benefits: growing their content creation capacity significantly, producing seasonal content with no fixed costs, using our pool of 10,000 expert writers, and relying on a pre-determined editorial/publishing plan. Get in touch with this service’s dedicated Project Manager today to learn more about how editorial planning support could help your brand thrive.