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Earn money with flexible writing from home

We have clients all over Europe who require American English-speaking authors for various projects. Our clients pay in advance, meaning the payment is deposited into your greatcontent account as soon your text is accepted. You can request payment at any time, as long as the amount exceeds the $25 minimum.

Your advantages as a writer at greatcontent
  • no monthly fees
  • no obligation to accept orders
  • flexibility to choose your working hours and the amount of orders you take on
  • our dedicated support team is always on call
  • we safeguard intellectual property and take care of all legal elements
  • our platform checks for word count, keywords and originality
  • to help you work at your best, we make sure briefs are clearly outlined

More questions about the application process?

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  • Give support a call on: +1 (646) 665-4767
The positives at a glance…
Quality-level descriptions:
For 200 words
For 500 words
Easy text, no research required 3,00 $ 7,50 $
Easy text, some research recommended 4,40 $ 11,00 $
Complex text, some research necessary 6,00 $ 15,00 $
Complex text, detailed research recommended 8,80 $ 22,00 $
Professional text, detailed research necessary 10,00 $ 25,00 $
Professional text, highly detailed research, particular style important 15,00 $ 37,50 $

Put those skills to good use and write for money

Writing is one of those essential skills that we tend to take for granted. It's like cooking or singing - something that we do all of the time without knowing how good we might be at it. Or how bad. But we aren't interested in bad writers at greatcontent. Just the ones who have a feel for an elegant sentence, an ear for the right word and the ability to communicate clearly.

Write for money to earn some extra income

If that sounds like you, then content writing could be a way to earn income in your spare time. Although you might now know it, with the advent of the globally connected Internet, your writing skills have become more marketable and sought after than ever. Clients across the world crave writers who are persuasive, eloquent and witty. They want to work with writers who can meet their own unique requirements while adding some of their own special talent and charisma. In short, if you have strong writing skills, there is a queue of clients building up who want to work with you.

Make money writing online for greatcontent

At greatcontent, we are constantly updating our marketplace with new orders for well-written content. Every week, new opportunities arise for writers with the right skills to earn money doing something they enjoy. It's easy to sign up for a writer's account, and you can experiment with a few orders to discover whether content writing is for you. If you like what you find, then greatcontent will allow you to develop your skills and income at your own pace, across a wide range of topics. For an aspiring writer or a part-timer with a few hours a week to spare, what could be better?

If you have written a blog or kept a diary over the years, you may well have acquired the skills necessary to write for money, without even knowing it. The only way to know for sure if you can make the grade (and to make some handy income) is by creating an account.


Written by Dianemc